Episode 29: Inciting A Defensive Riot

Episode 29 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast brings back the fabulous Velma Nightshade of WitchesBrewHaha. One podcaster just isn't enough to take on all of the Riotous topics that were talked about today. From sex to griping, we've got a riot for everyone in the longest episode of the show yet!

News: AZ immigration reform isn't quite done, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico won't be done for a while, and I thought we were done discriminating against students in schools.

Word of the Day: Irrupt

Gripe Department: Overly-Defensive Pagans seem to be the latest wave in the pagan community.

Spirituality: Sex around the Beltane fires, is it really that necessary?

We take on a good deal of listener feedback and announce the winner of April's Swag Draw! Remember, May is a new month, and you can enter into this month's swag draw for YOUR chance to win!

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have added the Project Pagan Enough logo on my blog. You can find it at http://magickshop.wordpress.com/

    Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!! Any riot-inciting activity is my kind of activity :).

  2. Hiya!

    I'm still working my way through this episode (wow, you broke the 2 hour mark!!) but thought I'd comment a little from where I've got to.

    I've had to give up watching tv due to a lack of time, but have seen a fair portion of the witchy things out there. That said, my only real comment about the freak outs over portrayals is that there may be something to be said for how often paganism is in media (the wicca/witch/pagan episode is becoming vaguely common for mainstream tv series, the frequency of supernatural anything series (pun sort of intended). Portrayed accurately or not, we're there a lot and that is in itself a positive statement about the growth of paganism. No one has to explain what christianity is before making fun of it, looks like we're traveling towards (though not nearly that close!!!) that level of general cultural awareness of our religion. And yes, some pagans really need to get a sense of humour and to get their head out of their....tv.

    On Beltaine & sex, I'm one of those who did the PSA on sex etiquette at beltaine. First off, I would agree that no, sex is NOT a requirement. That's encapsulated in the 'no means no'. and honestly most people in our community are in relationships these days so the number of woodland trysts are not nearly what they used to be (direct personal observations).

    However, I would argue that a core element of beltaine is about sex in the primal, invigoration of nature, life *bursting* out kind of way. Whether the Ronald Huttons of the world would agree that it has always been that way I do not know, but for 'modern' pagan belief, Beltaine is a fertility festival echoing the proliferation of mating going on in the wild at this time of year.

    This does not lead to "everyone must have sex" but to avoid the pulsing energetic throb of the world around us at this time of year is to also miss a point. In my opinion ;).

    Wicca, as set out by its founders, is a sex positive religion. yay sex! But being sex positive does not mean that all people must have sex at all times or even designated times. It's about being comfortable with the idea of sex, of sex being around you, and taken to a much much deeper level, of the Mystery that lies waiting in the union of the divine feminine and masculine above and below.

    Plus, I've been at Beltaine festivals where people have behaved poorly, ranging from the mildly inappropriate to the out and out WRONG and thus the public service announcements are to work at keeping such things from happening again. We're all wise and awesome communicators and perfectly behaved until one of us isn't. Mind you, if you're not headed off to a beltaine festival, all those reminders would probably get annoying or may even give the wrong impression over what things are like.

    I do think that there is a strange cross-over from the bdsm community to the pagan one and it's a difficult one and perhaps worthy of exmaination on its own at some point.

    So for me, sex at Beltaine isn't a requirement or a necessity, but it is one of the natural themes flowing through the universe around us. So it's not a requirement for an orgy, and it doesn't need to be a focus of the may day ritual, but it is a natural part of the year that to overtly reject denies the nature of life. And isn't that just an over the top statement?

    So much for a little comment...keep up the good work! :D

  3. Pagan Flavored Athiest.May 25, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    I just listened to Oria's latest episode (20) and found the words to respond to your gripe department and overly defensive pagans.

    It's not about the right way and wrong way to depict any particular group it's about that groups right to criticize the messages being presented on behalf of that group.

    The same way marginalized races do not like to be presented in uneducated, barbaric ways is, I think, the same way marginalized religions do not like to be presented as morally corrupt or weak.

    How the marginalized groups go about counteracting the message or presented a more preferable one is the bigger discussion over raising hell about the latest episode of Bones.

    And just to put this out there... Bones is just bad in general for presenting ANY group. I watched an episode heavy with Japanese culture references... I swear the writers just wikipedia some shit, cut out what they can't fully explain, and hope it sound exotic and esoteric enough to impress the viewers. As soon as someone is too smart for a particular topic on BOnes, the show goes from smart and witty to stupid. I watched the witch and Japanese show and I'm so completely unimpressed with the writers. The show idea is a good one the execution relies too much on viewer ignorance.


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