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Lax. I have been lax. I have been lax in a lot of ways since I had a change of employment status rather...involuntarily. I have been lax in going to the gym. I have been lax in household duties and podcast writing and dog walking.

I'm not wallowing in self-pity or anything, but I have definitely taken a liking to the sweeter sweets that exist in my refrigerator. I have been known the past few weeks to open a tub of peanut butter cookie dough, grab a spoon, and eat it. Not the whole thing, mind you, but just enough to be considered my caloric intake for the week.

I've not actually gained much weight in my sloth. About 5-6 pounds, which is probably due to the whole 'less income equals less pizza eating' thing. The onset of gloomy weather the past week or so hasn't helped my cause, either.

And, the funny thing is that every night before I go to bed, I put my hand on my slowly loosening stomach and think, 'Gosh, I really should have gone to the gym/not eaten that/blah blah blah.' And I'm not saying today that I am rededicating myself to the causes of all things healthy and tight-skinned, but I am saying I am taking notice.

What do YOU do to get motivated? With my differing retail schedule and lethargy, it's been hard to maintain some sense of habit.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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  2. I really need to proofread my stuff! I've been feeling a bit lethargic too,. I really don't like the gloomy rainy days!

  3. I committed myself financially. No I didn't buy a membership to the gym. I pledged to raise 2300.00 for breast cancer and am walking 60 miles over 3 days in October. Which means I HAVE to train. Or I will never make it. Also by pledging I have to go out and talk to people. Getting out and socializing helps me tremendously as I am very much a people person.
    When I start to lose motivation I literally do something I have been putting off for the longest time. (And I have a list of them hanging on my refrigerator) So if I don't stay motivated about training, studies, nutrition, etc... I HAVE to do something on that list to get motivated. Once the taboo item is done I feel better and productive and get on with it.
    It works every time.

  4. Every morning I always do two things. One of those is a workout. The second I get out of bed I crank out 100 sit-ups, 200 leg extensions and about 40 push ups. I get up 10 minutes early to do them too.

    I think it's just a matter of finding the time to do what you need to when it needs to be done. And exercise doesn't have to happen in a gym! You could always go for a run around the block or do a little workout in the comfort of your own home.
    I hate going to the gym because I'm really self-conscious so it really suits me to work out at home :)
    xxx Aria

  5. I'm currently between jobs myself. Fortunately, I was already prepared with something that would make up for not getting around to going to the gym.

    I own a copy of a certain dancing game and some workout videos. If you get one of those health-and-fitness channels on TV, that can work for you, too.

    I do occasionally laugh at myself for being such a huge nerd that I can't even get myself to exercise unless it's through a video game. ;P

  6. I trick myself in SO many ways to stay motivated. People think I am this amazingly motivated person when it comes to exercise when the truth is I am just a sloth hiding in human skin! lol. I workout FIRST thing upon waking most days - because if I can get it out of the way, then I don't have to talk myself into it (or out of it) later. Or if I'm not working out in the morning I'll leave my gym bag by the door to make myself take it with me and go at lunch. Or on the way home because if I make it home w/out training...fuggettaboutit... ;O

    Outside things don't motivate me. Like looking at fitness rags or that sort of stuff. I just have to beat myself up and DO IT.

  7. What I do to get motivatedis listen to certain music. Music that makes my foot tap to the beat and is fun t isten to makes me able to get lazy butt off the couc and get something accomplished, that and a I can't drive so I walk everywhere and I always leave late so I HAVE to run there.


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