Triumphs and Glorious Moments

Tomorrow is my 4-year-anniversary with my Partner. Most people say that they've had ups and downs with their loved one, but I'd have to say we probably take the cake. We have yelled. We have cried. We have had astounding triumphs and glorious moments. My partner showed me exactly how love isn't like the movies, but it's better. Love is like the fit of a comfortable glove.

The average marriage these days lasts between 3-5 years. We're smack dab in the middle of that, but we're not married. I'd like to marry this man. I'd love to enjoy all of the benefits that go along with the stresses of long-term relationships. I'd like to know that when I am sick and dying in a hospital my partner won't be forced into a nursing home and made to watch our lives be auctioned off by the powers that be.

This is not a diatribe on gay marriage. It isn't. It's just interesting, isn't it?

Happy Anniversary Beloved.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Fantastic! Happy Anniversary to you both and many more to come, I hope some day you will be allowed to marry!

  2. "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

    --Victor Hugo

    Courage, mes amis. Your time will come. For now, best wishes on your anniversary.

  3. Congratulations Fire Lyte! I hope you and your partner have a truly wonderful anniversary! Someday when our nation gets its head out of its ass I better be invited to your wedding-seriously!

    Make sure and tell your partner we wish him a Happy Anniversary as well!


  4. Congratulations you two. May the next 4 be even more of a journey in love as these 4 have been.

  5. I still remember the first time that I became aware that there were gay people who had been together and happy for as long, sometimes longer than many hetero couples I knew. I just kind of stood there for a second, and a smile slowly spread over my face. Suddenly all the propaganda of a certain segment of the populace was revealed for the lies they are. I was over joyed. Why? Because I love love. I love the idea of people finding the one for them and making a life together. Gay, hetero, poly, to me it doesn't matter. Love is love, and when it is between those of an age, who choose it love is never wrong.

    So congratulations, and I will look forward to the day that all who would choose it are married.

  6. happy anniversary!!!
    btw rick and i are engaged..not gonna marry for five years though. we have our reasons and want people to respect them =)
    well happy anniversary again and many more years of love for both of you!!!
    many blessings

  7. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you both. Hopefully, in the near future marriage will be a viable option (I tend to think it is now but nobody that has the capacity or power to perform that marriage).
    One day the world will right itself.
    Civil Partnerships are at least a step in the right direction here and hopefully the USA could follow suit sooner rather than later.

    Congrats again, I wish you may more happy years together
    xxx Aria

  8. Congratulations! Just found your blog. I live in Canada and was married (yes, gay marriage) to my husband for quite a few years and now divorced. We were together 7 years and I remember that 5 year point being the turning point. I don't wish this on you but I totally understand what you're going through. I'm in a new healthy relationship with a lot of laughter . . . just celebrated one year anniversary! :) All the best!


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