Christian Right Pro-Carb, Anti-JC

A FABULOUS new article over at the Guardian puts a spotlight on a brand-spanking-new organization formed by the Religious Right called Carb. Carb, according to Carb's site, stands for Citizens Against Religious Bigotry, and their first Carb-propelled grenade is aimed straight at Comedy Central.

'Why?' you might ask yourself. Well, according to Carb's very own site, they "have every reason to believe" that a new Comedy Central show called JC will offend Christians everywhere. This new show, according to Comedy Central's site, is an animated show about Jesus Christ just trying to live a normal life in New York. Carb says that, given CC's history of poking fun at Jesus on shows like South Park and the Sarah Silverman program, they're tired of shows that don't respect Christianity.

Ok, I'm going to paraphrase Velma Nightshade of WitchesBrewHaha here, "If you're going to Comedy Central to get your Christian respect, you've got bigger issues than shows that don't respect your religion."

It's a network called COMEDY CENTRAL! Doesn't sound to me like they do too much respecting of any group, let alone Christianity. This is the same issue I have with pagans that claim they're not being respected on shows like Supernatural and Bones. Looking for 'respect' from sensationalized programs that absolutely have nothing to do with your topic is like reading the latest issue of People magazine for in-depth analysis of the latest political poll. The two have their place, but not where you're looking.

I am very much aware of the societal fact that the more you are exposed to a group in a positive light that you are more likely to view that group positively, but where is that line drawn? Must we never poke fun at groups? Can we not laugh at the latest scandals or establishments or political/religious figures? What kind of world is it without satire? We've got to learn to lighten up.

However, if you don't want to lighten up. If you are of the camp that you only want to see your group or sub-group or cultural niche portrayed in a positive, uplifting light, then I suggest not tuning in to fictional, sensationalized shows that are going to be dealing with your group. They're probably not going to be relaying historical and social fact so much as satyrical blasphemy. Let's all find a bridge somewhere and get over it.

Now, the bigger question here is: How is Comedy Central rationalizing portraying Jesus Christ in a satyrical fashion, but backed away from their portrayal of Islam's Muhammad?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. lol yes I agree as a catholic and a Christian when you can't laugh at yourself you are in big trouble . ok some catholics may be offended but dh and I have a joke when weather is cold & rainy my arthritus acts up . I openly joke that " oh oh , my sitgmata is acting up again "
    you are also right some people are just uptight , take themselves way to seriously be they pagan , christian , whatever , I always say my religion will never allow me to partake in being the victim or persecutor but rather help me just to be me ☺

  2. As screwed up as it is, I reckon CC figures lampooning Jesus will get them advertising in the form of picket marches, angry letters, and outraged folks on good morning america, while satirizing Muhammad could possibly get their arses killed. I think they're quite afraid of Islamic extremists, and as important as I think it is for all groups to be made fun of, I can't really blame them for shying away at this point in time.

  3. The Atkins diet is coming for them.

  4. Anonymous, it is kinda silly that they took that one threat so seriously. American Muslims are good natured enough to handle it, that group that threatened was toothless. American Muslims deserve much more credit than they have been getting lately.

  5. I think it's in bad taste to portray Mohammad simply because Muslims say it goes against their faith. I think we can respect that while still finding ways to create Muslim comedy. Are you aware of the Canadian show "Little Mosque on the Prarie"? I love it! I think they put episodes on YouTube :)

  6. Its a Buddhist Precept to abstain from intoxicants, but Buddha snorting coke was fair game =p

    Even if it is bad taste, I don't think any group should get special comedic protections.

  7. I just wrote a really long comment and bloody blogger re-directed me.

    So to sum up what I actually said...
    Life is too short to make a cartoon in bad taste a cause for international conflict.


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