Gay Folks Eat Poop?

Without education, this is the kind of shit that is spouted. When we take facts and reality away from our children, this is the kind of world we are creating for them. I realize it can be dangerously erring on the side of ludicrous to broaden a topic to the point of universality, but when you rewrite history - like what is happening in Texas - or you reduce or limit ethnic studies to the point of white-washing certain events - like what is happening in Arizona - you create a society of ill-informed, overly prejudiced individuals who act out of fear instead of out of reason.

Such is the case with Uganda's attitude toward homosexuality. Uganda, the country of the 'Kill the Gays' Bill, is the source of the video below. It depicts what happens when one guy practices something called 'confirmation bias' concerning anti-homosexuality. He wanted to present an certain view and only presented certain information that seemed to confirm that bias.

Rioters, we need education. We need open discourse on even the most uncomfortable, un-talked-about subjects. I've talked about this in my series on tolerance education in the classroom, but I can NOT stress this point enough. We cannot limit our children's education. We cannot choose what information to withhold, what to give, and change the facts to suit our agendas. We need to trust that the next generation has the brainpower to delineate crap and fiction from truth.

The video that has me all riled up is below. I couldn't even make my way through it. It's a real video from Uganda. And, while it is unintentionally funny, it is scary.

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  1. Odom of the Evil EyeJune 3, 2010 at 12:34 AM

    ...I'm kind of at a loss for words after watching that. I felt like a five-year-old just tried to explain to me what homosexuality was. I can't even find it funny that this farce is taken so seriously. Their leaders were talking about eating crap like it was ice cream! Seriously?! Uganda is kind of a fucked up place.

  2. I am sorry to say I couldn't get to the end of that video.
    This is an example of the blind leading the blind. Or, should I say, blind faith leading the blind.

    It appears that this is down to the Catholic views of most of Africa. It's a scare tactic but only those at the very tippy-top of the ladder understand it's true nature. The ignorance has already begun and is now being spread by the misinformed!

    It also says something to me that he only removed the child in the room when he started showing pictures. What warped mind feels it acceptable to speak of such practices, regardless of the sexuality of the participants, in front of a child?
    That displays how truly loopy this guy, and anything he says, is.

  3. Wow, apparently I was horrifyingly miseducated. After all, lesbians don't exist, gay men don't have oral sex, and no straight person enjoys anal sex or has a scat fetish, but all gay men do. Thank you, Ugandan ministers, for clearing things up.

  4. so now they have boiled down homosexuality to eating shit!what next, I wont even bother to imagine...but that baldy asshole is pethatic.

  5. He should also put a ban on heterosexual SM, along with any other fetish like foot fetish, boot fetish, hair fetish, old woman fetish, and any other gazillion fetishes that every person probably holds in some way or another.
    Oh wait, I forgot, he's only concerned about banning what he finds disturbing the most. I guess that means to him, the straight couple literally practicing hot lunch and golden showers are not going to be "eating da pu pu".

  6. these people are more ignorant than any other I've ever seen!

  7. Strange that on one here is able to face the truth about homosexuality and oral contact with feces. Its a fact ask any gay its part of the bahavior.

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