Glenn Beck must love the taste of foot...

He puts it in his mouth so often. This time Beck did a little skit on his radio show in which he took aim at President Obama's 11-year-old daughter Malia. In it he specifically questions her level of intelligence and calls Obama a racist. "Daddy...why do you hate black people?"

The faux conversation also sees 'Malia' asking her father why he hasn't plugged the hole, to which 'Obama' replies, "Because it hasn't done enough damage yet."

Beck has specifically stated that the media should not be allowed to target the children of politicians. He's said time and again that when a person enters the political arena, they are intentionally making themselves a target. However, children are hands off.

I'm sorry, apparently that was only for Sarah Palin - the politician he was talking to/about when he made those statements. Ya long as the child in question is too young to drive, in a Democratic family, and possibly a racial minority, then it's completely fine to target them.

Why is this guy famous again? This man who time and again opens his uneducated mouth and spews bile and filth? The guy doesn't have a college degree. He's just some dumbass with an opinion, and we pay him millions to keep talking. I rarely get so pissed at a person for their personal views, but to go this far should be some sort of sin.

Plop some A-1 on that foot, Mr. Beck. It might make it go down better. #OffWithHisCock

What are your views? Is this taking freedom of speech a bit too far? Should you be allowed to target an 11-year-old child with racially-skewed derogatory speech? Is this man just saying what a segment of the population believes? Comment, tweet @IncitingARiot, or email!

For your viewing pleasure, I have a news report with the actual audio from his show below if you're interested.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I personally think it is never okay to go after a politician's children! How lonely and pathetic do you have to be to stoop to that level! I guess Beck gets the asshole of the week award! Well not counting BP and Israel of course who are already on my shit list :-)


  2. I personally think it's unfair to target children or vulnerable people in anyway.
    I hope that people who watch view him for entertainment purposes only, in a poke him with a moral stick and see what happens kind of way.

    The man is an ass.

  3. Does Beck have kids? I'm not quite sure who would mate with him, but I'm sure there's a few idiotic women out there who think he's fabulous. Those women need a brain transplant, but that's besides the point. If he does have children, it's open season on them.

    I cannot stand Beck or any of his FOX cronies. I do not understand how any of them remain on the air.

  4. I've never really understood the appeal of Beck. It seems to be a fairly common thing the way he contradicts himself between his TV show and Radio. I've once or twice appreciated 2 minutes of one of his history guests when channel surfing, but he has to ruin it with the other 99% of the show. His silly statements and annoying personality are so uncomfortable to watch, I sometimes feel bad for the guests he has pulled from the faculty of some campus to speak on their subject. I figure they must know what they are getting into by now though.

    I love that picture from his drug addled post-hemorrhoid surgery video blog. I wish I could find that again on Youtube. It keeps getting pulled down =p

  5. Mr. BEck did apologize deeply and publicly for breaking his own rule on the TV show that same day. To my knowledge he has never done so cruel a thing before or since. I don't agree with him completely, but he does make some good points about American History and politics. I usually check his facts, and they are correct. That said, I wish he would keep evil preachers like John Hagee ) especially him!) and others off the air.


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