Happy & Blessed Everything!

Just a quick note today: Happy Father's Day (belated) from yesterday and Happy & Blessed Midsummer/Summer Solstice to all of you Rioters out there!

The Riot is going to be on a kind of hiatus this week. My family is arriving later today, and they will be here until Friday. I will be spending that time rejuvenating, enjoying my loved ones, and getting back to a sense of self and peace I haven't had in a while.

May you be supremely blessed. May you get in tune with the energies of Midsummer, and allow the sun to shine through you at this turning of the Wheel. On Twitter today, one of the top trending topics in the ENTIRE FRIGGIN WORLD is 'Summer Solstice.' That means millions of people around the world are talking about this spiritual holy day.

What's most interesting about this, for me, is that this is in direct contrast to those out there claiming there is no such thing as the 'pagan community.' There are millions of us in every color, every tongue, every creed, every ideology, and every physical difference there is...and yet we are there. We thrive. So let this advent of technology remind us that we are drops in a pagan ocean, in a spiritual sea that covers the globe. We are united in being children of the Goddess.

Blessings to you all. I will be on twitter throughout the week, so look there for news headlines and random tidbits. We will be having a SuperUltraMegasode for Episode 35 of the podcast when I get back discussing Hinduism and Karma. We'll also be looking at our Book Club selection (have YOU been reading!?) and catching up on the serious amounts of news. (Did YOU know that BP loves the little people? Isn't that comforting?)

Until then, Rioters, I will be here. Email me your questions, comments, gripes, or complaints, and I will see you after my tiny vacation!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. A blessed Midsummer to you Fire Lyte :)
    I hope you enjoy it and have a jolly, old time!
    Enjoy your time with the folks and embrace you're little vacation.
    Goddess knows you deserve it after being such a super dooper podcaster and friend.
    You're awesome.
    Biggest hugs and blessings to you,
    xxx Aria

  2. Have a spectacular time with your parents!

    "Solstice" was definitely the buzz-word these past few days. Many local churches even had a solstice celebration...hmm....


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