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Yeah...yeah... I'm gay, and it seems that a good hunk of the news I focus on is GLBT-related, but I'd like to offer a quick reason: perhaps the greatest example of social injustice in the modern era is that which is done to the GLBT communities. I mean, in 2010, we should be farther along in areas of tolerance than we are, yet...well, we're not. So, not to bore you with more gayness in the headlines, but here goes:

In stupid laws news: Since the early 1980s, gay men have not been allowed to donate blood by law. This was due in large part because the populace feared HIV and AIDS, and they had no idea how it was passed. It was assumed to be a gay disease. Last week, this discriminatory policy was put to a vote. In short: the gays lost. The decision was upheld in a 9-6 vote by the Federal Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability. This assumes, of course, that gay men are more likely to contract HIV and AIDS due to their sexual practices. Not only is this idea archaic, but it's actually plain wrong. African Americans - accounting for 13% of the total population - account for 49% of all HIV/AIDS diagnoses (according to the Centers for Disease Control - CDC). I just wonder if anybody over at the FAC plan on outlawing black folks' ability to donate blood. I'd just like it noted that we can now test people's blood for the HIV/AIDS virus before they donate. In fact, we can know within minutes if someone is infected or not.

One last note on the subject: it is reported that 219,000 MORE pints of blood would be donated per year if gays were allowed to donate.

The American Red Cross also expressed disappointment about the decision, stating that "while the Red Cross is obligated by law to follow the guidelines set forth by the FDA, we also strongly support the use of rational, scientifically-based deferral periods that are applied fairly and consistently among donors who engage in similar risk activities."

In military shame news: 2 Marines are charged with battery after beating a man named Kieran Daly until he was unconscious. My apologies. That's wrong. Two Marines assumed that Daly, a gay guy, was so unabashedly attempting to sex them that they beat him in the back of the head as he was attempting to leave. The Marines defended their actions by saying they were upset, because they thought Daly was winking at them. Due to their assumption of said wink, they approached Daly and - according to witnesses - beat Daly in the back of the head when he attempted to flee. Though, of course, the Marines are saying they were trying to get away from the situation.

EXCEPT THEY BEAT THE GUY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. In no way can you hit someone in the back of the head if: a) they are approaching you or b) you are fleeing. Their story doesn't hold water. They were obviously two overly-homophobic creeps that need to be put in prison for this hate crime. Incidentally, the state in which they committed their crime has no Hate Crimes statute. Thus, they were only charged with misdemeanor battery and released to military police. A misdemeanor is a parking ticket. It's a fine, maybe a obscenely small amount of time in jail, but they're not even going to serve that as they were released.

Daly said after his friends performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the scene, he was taken to Memorial University Medical Center and diagnosed with bruises to his brain. He had two seizures immediately after the attack and was expected to remain at Memorial for several days.

How is this justice? I'd seriously like to know. It's disgusting, and it's wrong. This is the kind of story that makes me sick, but it also makes me understand why they're taking so long to implement the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. If we don't do this right, more of our men and women could become victims of uneducated intolerance.

My favorite bit was the part of the article where the Marines said they wanted respect, because they served in Iraq. Because, you know, winking is so disrespectful. VOMIT!

In potentially sigh-inducing news: Adam Lambert just came out with a new music video for his song "If I Had You." According to the reports, Lambert says his video was inspired by his attendance of the Burning Man festival 5 years ago. I only include this, because I'm starting the countdown right now before some well-read pagan blog picks up the story as supposed proof of Hollywood's ever-progression towards paganism. Just like Perez Hilton outs the gays, certain pagan bloggers seem to be trying to out the pagans.

And, as my last countdown proved so effective (apparently there are idiots claiming to be Na'vi'kin), I'm fairly sure that somebody will soon be saying ADAM LAMBERT'S A PAGAN!

For your enjoyment I've included the video below.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. It feels like a slap in the face to once again be told that I'm not valued enough to give to save a life. By their own policies the Red Cross tests all donations for HIV, hepatitis B and C virus and disposes of the donations that are infected. Hells if you are going to destroy the unusable donations anyway what is the point of still clinging to such a blatantly homophobic policy. I say take what you can get and save as many as you can!

    As for the beating of Kieran Daly, I just can't find the words to describe how horrified and heartsick it makes me. I support our troupes and am want to believe we can repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell at the end of the proposed year of study on the implementation of the repeal, but this kind of news almost sends me into a full body knee jerk response. “They'll kill each other!” If an average citizen isn't safe around some of our service men what does that mean for the gay man or woman who is serving along side them?

    And for Mr Lambert. Gods love him but that video is more “rave in the twilight woods” and not so much burning man. Personally I would not mind if he was pagan and I'm willing to give the boy the benefit of the doubt with some of his leanings because he is just starting out in the business and just because you can come out of one closet doesn't mean you are ready to step out of the broom closet.

  2. Wow thats awful news. We had an incident like that where the Medics in our barracks beat a guy they suspected of being gay with baseball bats. The guy almost died. I found it odd that it was the medics. I don't think it will be rampant if DADT is repealed and gay men and women serve openly, Ash Hawk. There will be a few more incidents of violence,regrettably, but I don't think it will be as common as people think.

    Burning Man.. I've never even considered that Pagan. I thought it was just a modern hippy/druggy thing. I've never really been interested in it though, I'm way too vanilla for that =p

    I had no idea that law existed ever, and that it still exists is just bizarre. I assume its not widely enforced? How do they check for the sexuality of a person anyway? Is it like DADT and gay folks donate "in the closet" ? :/

    Why the heck hasn't that law been scrapped yet?

  3. This post made me cry a bit. I then did a little research on blood donation in the UK. According to the NHS policy it's not 'gay' men who can't donate blood. It's any man who has ever had sex with another man...talk about covering their asses.
    Then they bitch and moan about not having enough blood in the banks! It's ridiculous.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, when a woman goes to give blood, she's asked if she's ever had sex with a man who's had sex with another man. And if she says yes, she's not allowed to give blood either. Though, I agree that it's all idiodic.

  5. If I go out and have sex with an HIV-positive man, who's never had sex with other men, I can donate blood in a year.

    If I have sex with a man who's had sex with a man, even if all parties involved are HIV-negative, I can't donate blood for the rest of my life.

    OK, first of all, what if my sex partner is afraid to mention that time he blew a football player behind the bleachers? Can I still be penalized for that? What if my sex partner was no homosexual urges whatsoever, but was once raped by another guy? What if my hypothetical lover's male partners all used protection?


  6. I really enjoyed reading your post! Very, very good! I'm in the Army (been in for 17 years) and everyone that knows me will say I am one of a kind! Well, before I continue, let me say I am straight, but I am a huge advocate for gay rights! I can't speak out and protest like I wish I could because of rules and regulations, but if I could....ah man, it'd be game on for numerous subjects, not just Human Rights. It pisses me off beyond words that gays cannot serve openly in the military! For one, we are a volunteer force and it's an Americans right if they want to serve....and I believe they should no matter their sexual orientation. It's not just the right to serve, it's every issue on how we treat gays in this country that I totally disagree with! The US. is suppose to be the country of tolerance and opportunity...yet we are so far behind other countries that we seem to look down upon. Well, I think that's enough on my soap box! I could keep going on and on and on if I don't stop myself now! Take care!


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