Perspectives of Gayness on TV Now

There have been some truly inspiring, funny, and honest portrayals of gay folks in world media lately. I'm going to just present the videos and let you all draw your own conclusions. I will tell you that one of them is a real ad from France and another one is a parody of that ad.

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Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Hi Fire Lyte,

    Love the Glenn and Devin add-hysterical! I have to be honest though I do not get the point of the McDonald's ad? What the hell does being gay have to do with crappy fast food? I think it would make sense if you just saw a gay couple ordering at McDonald's like everyone else, but the commercial is actually about a gay boy not being able to come out to his parents...way beyond the realm of McDonald's advertising needs or message! As for Bill O'Reilly sweet Christ what a dumb ass...terrorist and gays yeah cause they're comparable-ridiculous! Love to see that Homosexual issues are being talked about more in the media though!


  2. I read through this again and was reminded of Spartacus. I'm not sure if you saw the first season of that series, but it had some great gay characters. Some, like Barka really destroyed most gay stereotypes I can think of.

    Also in books, there are some great gay characters in Robin Hobb's latest book series. I'm reading the 2nd one now. Its great, as are all her books :D

  3. I still don't understand what's so controversial about that ad. After all, it's saying that even if you're completely ignorant of your child's wants and needs, you're welcome at McDonald's. I'm sure a lot of deadbeat dads would agree with that statement. ;P


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