They Cast Emma Frost!

Hey Rioters! I'm back in business after a good, solid week of resting, vacationing, and all-around enjoying myself. (No, not that way.)

To kick off the week, I thought I'd start with a little geekitude! There's a movie coming out called X-Men: First Class. It's all about the original 5 X-Men (Cyclops, Ice Man, Beast, Angel, and Jean Grey) when they were first learning how to be superheroes. Apparently, the story will also require a young Charles Xavier/Professor X and a young Magneto.

What I am thrilled about, though, beyond all else (though the young Jean Grey tickles my fancy) is the inclusion of Emma Frost. If you don't know who I'm talking about and/or have never read the actual comics, let me explain. Emma Frost has the telepathic prowess of Charles Xavier, the genius intellect of Hank McCoy, the strength and invulnerability of Colossus (in diamond form), and the body of Pamela Anderson...when Pamela Anderson didn't look like a middle-aged crack whore.

In short: she's bad ass.

Originally, Frost was a villain in charge of a rival school for mutants and the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, but then she reformed, actually joined the X-Men, and now heads up both the team and the school as headmistress. For reference, she looks a little something like this:

The actress Alice Eve (from She's Out of My League) has been cast to play the White Queen. And Alice looks a whole heck of a lot like this:

Hey Bryan Singer! Would you mind getting back to this franchise, please? The last two movies sucked balls, and the fans would love it if you would yank the X-Folks out of the proverbial shitter. K Thanks! Wow...I just followed the word 'proverbial' with 'shitter.' I really am a pretentious ass, aren't I?

Oh, wait... I did it again.

What do YOU think of this casting choice? Are YOU going to give the X-Franchise another shot after they murdered Wolverine & X3? Comment, Tweet, or Email!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Having never read the comments (and therefore having nothing to compare the films too) I actually quite liked the movies :D, if only for Hugh Jackman's fine ass.

    But going back into a story like that sounds super interesting and I'd definitely like to see it.
    I honestly don't know anything about the X-men bar the powers of about 5 characters. I must educate myself hehe!

    And James McAvoy playing the young Xavier?! Well that keeps me happy!

  2. Comments was supposed to be comics haha! I'm on some strange, tired autopilot today.

  3. I've never seen the movies or read the comics, but I approve of that Eve gal, shes foxy :p

  4. As a fellow comic nerd I am psyched for a new X-Men movie! I can always give X-Men a chance! I actually liked X-3, but I was pretty bored by Wolverine. Although Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool flippin awesome! And of course you can never go wrong with Hugh Jackman either-hot hot hot!

    I am very excited by the inclusion of Emma Frost in the new movie! She is a great character! I think the casting of her is awful though! I saw She's Out of my League and besides thinking the movie was boring as balls and based on annoying cliched stereotypes....I couldn't stand Alice Eve. Her acting wasn't all that great and I could not figure out why she was considered good looking enough to be a "10"? She's pretty, but not as pretty as the movie makes her out to be. Highly doubt she would even get noticed in a busy airport-she kind of just looks like a normal pretty blond to me and trust me there are a lot of us out there-LOL! I vote for someone hotter to play Emma Frost...

    Thanks for posting about this-it warms my nerdy comic heart!



  5. The woman in the picture above (burning the card) kinda looks like Angelina Jolie...why not cast her? Or is she...ahem...too old?
    Then again, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club should probably have something a little more cougarish about her.

  6. You are dead-on, the first movie was great, the second was tepid, & the third is in my top 5 worst movies ever list. Seriously.
    While this choice is great, & I'm glad they included her, I will NOT be seeing the film. I gave the franchise another try by sitting through the entire x3 crap parade. I will not do it again. :)

  7. Oh & in response to Hoi-Sum, I haven't seen her acting, but I can agree from the photos I've seen of her. Maybe they are going for a more "Marilyn Monroe-esque" Emma in the film? They've done worse. haha.
    Also, you would be shocked to see the transformative power of makeup :)


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