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Yes... I took that picture!
My parents left this morning for the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. Apparently there are ducks there that need watching. (Anybody want to enlighten me on that one.) I had a fabulous time with them here. In addition to the folks, my aunt and uncle stopped in for a couple of days as well. It was a familial bliss moment all around.

Unfortunately, their second day here we decided to head into downtown Chicago and see some sites - Navy Pier, the Natural History Museum, Lake Michigan, etc. That's not the unfortunate part. The bad part was that a very serious storm decided to blow in just about the time we all boarded a boat to take a 1-hour architectural tour. (Which was FABULOUS, by the way. I recommend you do it. Sans lightning and torrential rain, of course.) Between the 80mph winds, the lightning in the water, and the 2 inches of rain slamming us into the pavement, that day just about couldn't get much worse.

Oh wait... It could.

Somehow the power to the entire southern part of Chicago, and nearly all of its southern suburbs, went out due to this storm. A trip from my house to Lake Shore Dr. usually takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the flow of traffic. That's what it took us all to get there. What it took to get home, however, was 3 hours. 3 hours. I'm not kidding. THREE FRIGGIN HOURS! It was awful. We were soaking wet, not in the best of moods, crammed into my little box of a car, and moving slower than dead snails. And, even worse, there was no way out of it. The street lights were off; none of us knew where the hell we were going, and every time I tried to take a turn into a different street for Mr. GPS to find a new path home, the road just circled right back into the mess.

Makes for a good story though. 

Then there's my job situation. I was really excited, during that second day, because I was offered a better position with a different company. Nearly triple what I'm making now, better hours, benefits, room for quick advancement, the whole nine yards. I was quite hesitant to tender my resignation, because I actually like the company I currently work for. I have never been treated more fairly or more as an equal than I have with this company. I also, double plus bonus, am doing quite well there. Not financially speaking, but impressing the boss-wise.

But, I had to do it. You sort of have to quit your old job before you start your new one. It's usually part of the perks, but I was actually a bit sad about this one. Then, I get a call from my Area Manager this morning, letting me know she's been up since 7am with my District Manager (her boss) discussing my future with the company. She said she was just sick that I wanted to leave, because she felt that business was so much better these past three months...because of....me. She wanted to let me know she was going to do everything she could to keep me.

This is new for me. I've had management tell me before that they loved me, appreciated the work I was doing, felt I was invaluable, and then never stuck up for me when times were tough or promoted me when I did well. My District Manager FLEW IN TODAY just to visit with me, to persuade me to stay. My REGIONAL MANAGER (My boss' boss' boss) has been on the phone with the DM and AM attempting to create a new position at my current store for me to fill. They're going to make me a counter offer later today.

I have no idea what to do. I'd like to stay where I am, but I highly doubt that the company I work for can compete numbers-wise with the offer I've gotten at this new company. However, I want to hear them out. I'd really like this to work, because I think I could do quite well there. I'm going to have to be smart about this. I can't get emotional. I'm going to have to seriously look at numbers, seriously discuss both of these options with Partner, and seriously make a determination about what could be the start of a fantastic career in fashion!

What do you, my wonderful and fabulous Rioters, think I should do?

The ruins of my family's visit are in my kitchen. There are chocolate chip cookies made by mom on the counter that I shouldn't eat, a fridge full of leftovers from amazing Chicago restaurants that would set my work-out schedule back at least a month, and the cutest bud vase from the Chicago Botanic Garden that my mom left stuck on my kitchen window as a farewell surprise. It now houses a day lily from my yard.

Oh yeah. We went to the Chicago Botanic Garden. I've only been in the fall. It's truly a place you need to visit in each season. Flowers were blooming, but no vegetables or fruit were ripe. The scent of fertilizer and moist earth and blooming roses hung heavily in the air, making a sweet stench that physically clung to you. I didn't want to wash it off. That place always makes me want to come home and garden.

Speaking of my garden. My chamomile plant is flowering. Can you BELIEVE it?! I actually not only DIDN'T kill something, but I made it bloom! I friggin ROCK!

I'll be back in full Riot mode this weekend, which is tomorrow - I realize. Let me know how YOUR week has been with a comment, a tweet, or an email!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. First, well done on the new job :D
    I think you're approaching the situation in the right mindset. It's not an emotional issue, it's a practical one. If your current job can get to a point where they can compete with the new job then you might be able to hinge emotion into the decision if it's important to you.
    Either way, well done for being such a desirable employee!
    Just do the best for yourself because that's what you deserve.
    xx Aria
    P.S. Well done with the Chamomile! Mine's just sprouted.

  2. You. Are. Adorable. Just downloaded my first Inciting a Riot podcast and will probably be listening to it at 5:30 am as I head to work. Can't wait!

  3. Odom of the Evil EyeJune 26, 2010 at 1:18 AM

    Heheh my chamomile has been growing like there's no tomorrow for a few weeks now :P.

    Anywhoo, I say maybe to some divination on the matter, and also think of potential job security as well as the numbers. If a place is fighting that hard to keep you, then you may have a more secure place there than at the new place. Just something to consider. I say read the cards/runes/whatever to help make a decision.

  4. As a life-long Memphian, I would just like to say, I don't get the duck thing either. I know the story (here: http://www.peabodymemphis.com/peabody_ducks/ ) but I don't see the entertainment value.

    As for the job, both congrats on the opportunity & condolences on having to make a tough choice.

  5. Haha I celebrate the growth of your chamomile :D I can't grow squat! I even killed off some mint plants when I tried my hand at an herb garden =/

    Thats really impressive that they are fighting so hard to keep you. While I understand that must be a hard tug at the loyalty strings, that must be a good feeling boost to your ego =D

  6. Your present company is working hard to keep you as a valued employee...Bravo to them and a gold star to you for your work ethic. Two thoughts about all this... will the new job put you in a higher tax bracket and so cancel out any monetary gain? Have you checked out the new company on their record of keeping employees and how happy is the workplace?

  7. Ditto what Lizzil said. I most likely got more than a few years on you and I can tell you that chasing the almighty dollar isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Another thing to consider is the quality of life you would have with your new employer. Being married to a Blackberry 24/7 is no fun.

  8. I'm in complete agreement with the previous two posters. Potential monetary gain has to be weighed against happiness in the workplace. Happiness is it's own kind of currency, after all. And really? It does indeed suck to get blown into a new tax bracket!

    Gratz on the chamomile...it's a totem plant of mine that I, for some mysterious reason, actually have trouble growing.


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