Constance Settles; School 'Capitulates'

Constance McMillen - the lesbian teen whose school repeatedly discriminated and humiliated her over taking her girlfriend to prom - has finally reached the end of her legal battle with the Itawamba County School District. She has received a $35,000 settlement, along with attorney's fees. So... Yeah! Right?

It seems that Constance isn't quite finished being a media target. The website LifeSiteNews did an interview with the American Family Association's Director of Issue Analysis Bryan Fischer that is being reprinted and sourced by several blogs and news agencies. In the interview Fischer decries the Itawamba County School District for 'capitulating' - or giving up/giving in; surrendering - to the 'demands' of a mentally unstable teen. Or, as he says it:

They have done Constance no favors by giving in to her demands, because they are assisting her in accepting a lifestyle that is destructive.

I don't know that this girl ever demanded anything except to be treated with the same dignity that every other teenager wants at 17. She wanted to go to prom with a person of her choosing and wear what she wanted. That's every kid's right. Now, you can take three guesses what kind of website LSN is and why they would want to talk to anybody at the AFA about this matter. I'm not blind to the skewed nature of this viewpoint, but it is a curious thing to see what is being circulated around the interwebs concerning this case.

Here are just a few of Fischer's 'qualified' observations and remarks:

  • The decision amounts to “homosexual activists shaking down rural taxpayers for 35 grand."
  • "It's a shame that the school district capitulated, because their capitulation in the face of the homosexual agenda in the end is going to mean that every high school in America is going to have to let transvestites in full drag attend their senior proms."
  • By not engaging the court battle, said Fischer, the district "compromised the ability of every high school in America to defend natural norms of sexual expression."
  • Fischer expressed frustration that Otoswmbada school district turned down expert pro bono legal service, and instead hired an attorney "who did nothing more than negotiate the legal terms of their surrender."
  • "[By choosing] to navigate their way out of this crisis, they have put every other high school in America in jeopardy," he said. "They were not thinking of the implications for their capitulation for every high school student in America."

Side note: Anybody else think that 'capitulate' was Fischer's word of the day?

There's really not much more to say about this. I think it's apparent why the guy made the misguided comments he did, but it goes to the point that we view events from our own perspectives, rarely trying to see from a different perspective. We fight for the right to equal protection under the law, but want it limited to groups and people we approve. That's not how equality works.

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  1. Back in the 1950's and '60's, the same rhetoric of "capitulation," "special rights," "slippery slope," etc., was being used by segregationists fuming over the collapse of Jim Crow laws and practices. So here we are 50 years later. Different issue, same old B.S.

  2. Woo hoo good for her. I'm impressed on the 35 grand that should help on her college funding.

    Always interests me in the way they reach those numbers for the value of things like missing prom and the ridicule she got for everything that happened.

  3. Have you seen any of the articles about this?

    Behold The Instructors and Curriculum for LaBarbera's 3 Days of Hate Conference

  4. Odom of the Evil EyeJuly 22, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    The whole thing is a damned shame really. Constance should not have been subjugated to the blatant close-minded hate mongering. In terms of settlements, I think the school got off light.

    I'm glad Constance got a little something out of it, but I would of rather that she have gone to her prom like she wanted, meaning none of this fuster-cluck ever happened. Honestly by 2010 you would think that our society would be past this.

    Btw, did Westboro baptist get involved like they had threatened? If so, did those bikers that don't like Westboro show up? I been researching my college thesis lately and I'm behind on my current events. I just found out yesterday they put a cap on the oil rupture :(.

  5. What gets me about the Patriot Riders of anti-WBC fame is that their leader in the state of Maine is a Republican politician (well, last I heard, anyway).

  6. I have one word for that guy, ASSHAT!

  7. Haha a good portion of the Patriot Riders are big bad Republicans. OoOoo Scary.

    They were kind enough to appear at one of my buddy's funerals. It was much appreciated, nice guys.


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