GOP afraid of Lame Ducks

When Congress passes laws after elections, but before the new officials take office, the laws are considered to have been passed by a Lame Duck Session of Congress. Being 2010, and having midterm elections this fall, we are facing such a session of Congress. Democrats are the majority right now, which means that Republicans will be picking up seats - in all likelihood. That means that Democrats will have one last opportunity to grow a pair and pass needed legislation this fall between November and January.

That is, of course, unless Republicans get their way. The GOP is attempting to ban legislating during the lame duck session, and they're trying to spread around the idea that Democrats are 'hijacking' Congress via said lame duck session. Because, you know, Republicans have never used their own lame duck sessions to get things passed that they wanted.

Unless you count all the times they did. Such as the time they used it in 1998 to impeach President Clinton. Each side has used the Lame Duck for their own gain. What's so different this time? Republicans are running scared that they may have to make a decision about Don't Ask Don't Tell during this 2 month session. The military spending bill that is being proposed includes an amendment to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell. Republicans always vote for military spending, because it is one of their core issues: conservatives are, like, SO TOTALLY PRO-MILITARY! DONTCHA KNOW?!

For Republicans to vote down DADT's repeal, they're going to be forced to vote against military spending. They can't do it. Thus, they don't want to be put into a situation of voting against soldiers and looking bad to their base. GOP constituents neither want DADT repealed nor military spending cut.


Conservative coverage of this matter is, naturally, skewed a different direction. Statements from the Right suggest that President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are trying to push some far-left liberal agenda on the country - guess what! - against the will of the people. 

"Democrats are trying to avoid accountability by delaying the passage of a national energy tax and other unpopular policies until after Election Day," Price said in a statement. "Some might think that is a good way to override the will of the public, but it is a terrible way to govern. A lame duck session should not be used as a post-election blitz to impose liberal programs that Americans do not support."

The November-January session is part of Congressional procedure every two years. Republicans and Democrats know this. Whether one party or the other gets legislation passed during the early part of the year or waits until the end has little to do with listening to constituents and has more to do with timing. Luckily, House Democrats overturned this ban proposed by Republicans.

What are YOUR views on Lame Duck Congresses? Is it an unfair opportunity to push through legislation, or is it just another 2 months of Congress doing its job? And, what's with this whole "OMG, Democrats are acting AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!!!" by legislating during this time? Comment, tweet, or email

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  1. It's normal. It keeps things from being put off even longer than they already are. And if one side gets to do it, then the other side does, too. Fair's fair.

  2. I am against most of the Democrat proposals on the table, I don't really care if they try to push it during lame duck, or anytime. Mostly because most of what they are trying to do is so unpopular it only hurts their poll numbers =p

  3. I am against everything they've done. It seems to me that the politicians on both sides of th aisle are professional liars who want to keep the people ignorant. I think they want to make us more like Europe and the UK. I have freinds there, and they keep an eye on American politics. All of them tell me not to let Socialism take control of our country in any way. I have a friend whois blind, like me, because the waiting list to see an eye specialist who can treat our diseases is six months or more. Our government is screwing us up, and taking us in the wrong direction. We need jobs, not handouts. I have to get off my soapbox now. BTW- I believ gays should be able to serve openly in the military. I believe they should also be able to have marriages or civil unions, or whatever anyone wants to call it. Love is love- it shouldn't matter.


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