Shout Outs: Borealis Meditation, Kyttin & Some Business

First off, I'd like to give a big WELCOME to the latest fabulous podcast to get all up in my iPod: Borealis Meditation. It is neither about the Borealis, nor about meditation. However, it is put on by a girl who lives under the Aurora Borealis (Alaska) and can't figure out how to meditate. Her words; I swear. Kathleen, the hostess, is well on her way to being Dr. Kathleen Borealis Rock Chick - or whatever her real name is. The show focuses on geology, which is a fitting subject for pagans to learn, seeing as how we're supposed to be earth lovers.

I hope you'll check out Borealis Meditation, and tell Kathleen that Fire Lyte sent you. (Speaking of: Have you VOTED on Podcast Alley, yet, for all your favorite shows?)

In Blogger Shout Outs: Kyttin of the blog KyttinWitch - Practically Magical - has a fabulous blog, which can be found here. Her blog centers on her adventures in paganism, motherhood, and pretty much being a modern witch trying her damnedest to figure out this thing called spiritual living. She's a supporter of Project Pagan Enough, which is enough for me, but she also pumps up the pagan podcasting community. Give her blog a follow, and tell her you were sent by the Riot!

In congratulatory news: The winners of our Summer Swag Contest have been drawn! A hearty congratulations goes out to Maryellen Cole and Lisa Adams! Thank you so much for giving to the Riot! I'll be getting your books in the mail tomorrow, because I'm really great at procrastination. should have been a subject in college. wasn't?

In podcasting excellence news: You Rioters fucking rock. I'm sorry for the uncharacteristic f-bomb, but you seriously do. Inciting A BrewHaHa has been a podcast for all of 2 weeks and 1 day, and already it has been #1 on iTunes in the Religion & Spirituality: Other category; it's risen to #11 on Podcast Alley, and just today it appeared on the FRONT FREAKING PAGE of the iTunes Religion & Spirituality category. Overall. That means it's being deemed good enough to appear alongside the number 1 shows of every other faith out there. THANK YOU! See for yourself:

Really, you all make this whole thing worth doing. I get nothing out of this except for the occasional donation and feedback from the readers and listeners. Seeing my name on the top of the iTunes charts is just amazing. Thank you, and I know I speak for Velma Nightshade when I express our united gratitude. Feel free to send all show ideas and feedback to our joint podcast address at Look for episode 2 soon!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. No you rock!
    You really do!
    Seriously you are just amazingly supportive of this crazy idea I had. :) I'm speechless. Really. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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