Aiming the pitchfork at a Target

Recently, that is to say just a few hours ago, I was made aware of a truly disturbing event. More than anything else I've seen or read lately, this particular revelation will effect not just me, but all of you amazing Rioters as well. In a way, I feel a sense of responsibility to let you all know before you wake up tomorrow and find out for yourself. Believe me, though, by the time you read this, I'm sure at least one person you know will be deeply effected by this news.

Deep breath, Rioters. This one will hurt...


I know... I know... It's really a shocker. Each year around this time I spend an afternoon perusing the latest collection of kitschy, cutesy, beautiful yet practical Halloween/Fall decor in Target's seasonal section. They have a selection of classic, transitional baubles and items that not only work for October, but carry through Thanksgiving. While their witches, vampires, mummies, and monsters can err on the cartoony side, the store always provides a massive variety of types of decorations. There are simple pumpkins, beautiful metalwork, and things you could almost keep year 'round. On the opposite end are the yearly varieties of childlike, Halloween cartoon characters.

All fun. All interesting. All usually of good quality and at a reasonable price. That is until this year.

I went for my yearly early perusal of the goods and found the laziest most un-thought-out mess of crap ever put on shelves. It looked worse than the leftover bin after the third markdown of decorations from the cheap party store you never go to...because it's full of cheap crap. There was nothing fun, nothing new, nothing you couldn't get anywhere else for so much cheaper. It looked like Wal Mart's unpurchased items. 

In short, I was utterly disappointed. Sure, I have decorations, but part of the yearly fun of Samhain preparations is finding new items to add to the household collection. I am so disheartened. 

So, where should I point my shopping nose? What's a good store that has fun kitschy items right alongside classic designs?

BOOO TARGET!!! First you support anti-gay supporters and now you take the awesome decorations away. 0 for 2!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Check out Michael's Arts and Craft stores...they have awesome halloween decorations, scary, traditional and funky and cute.

  2. I agree...Target gets a rating of EPIC FAIL this year!

  3. I hear ya. I was at Target yesterday, and I was also very disappointed. They did have one thing that was mildly groovy... A black-framed, holographic b/w photo of a nice gentleman from the 1920's (?) that morphs into a devil at different angles.


  4. Michael's has an awesome selection and they add to it weekly (at least her in Michigan)

  5. This may sound cheesy, but if you have one near you, you should try Ross: Dress for Less.

    I'm not entirely sure if the selection at this point in time is any good, but when decorations first came into my store we had pretty good choices. NOTE: My specific store is fairly light on the Harvoween (Harvest/Halloween) selection at this point in time - but we still have some interesting items for the late shopper.

  6. Actually this year I have not found anything to add to my collection. This is the only time of year that I shop for home items (and yup, most stay up and are used all year round) but there was nothing to add at all and I still can't find a Witchy teapot. (sigh) Sorry to hear that your not doing any better either.

  7. Try one of those pop-up Halloween stores.


  8. There's no Target store near us, but where we used to live, I don't believe that we actually bought anything from them on any of our shopping trips into Target. Aside from a hot dog and soda-pop, anyway.

    They're one chain that's always been significantly underwhelming in my experience.

  9. I don't understand how you can complain that Target supports anti- gay supporters (elected officials) and yet you continue to shop there. There is a huge boycott going on right now against Target because of their contributions to republican/ anti-gay campaigns. Surely you must be aware of this boycott. Perhaps you should consider not shopping there given that you know your money is working to deny you of your basic civil rights? Instead of not shopping there because they have a crappy Halloween section. I hope you'll reconcider shopping at Target. They don't deserve our money because they don't respect us.

  10. I agree Fire Lyte! I went to Target after seeing your tweet and was so bummed to see such a sad crappy selection of Halloween decorations this hubby thinks it might be the economy...who knows. I agree with The Fae though I love the Halloween decorations at Ross every year!


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