Show me your Samhain decorations!

My Samhain decorations are up, and my house is festive! Click here for a quick video tour of the baubles around my house.

Send me YOUR Samhain decor pics! Have you started decorating, yet, or are you waiting until it's actually October? What's your favorite piece? Your newest? Your oldest?

What are your favorite traditions?

I'm EXCITED! 'Tis the season of the witch!

Oh, and anybody wanna buy me a mask from Pier 1???

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I love, love, love decorating for Samhain! Unfortunately... *sad face* I'm moving back in with Mom and Dad for four months starting mid October... And no, they don't have a problem with decorations, but my whole house is pretty much going to be in storage. I'm going to live off of my clothes, my bed, and my laptop... that's it, that's all.. Maybe I can get a little creative and throw my "The Witch is In" broomstick up in my "room" but that's just about as festive as it will get.. *sad face, again*

    Love your little decorations through out your house. Again, check out some of Ross' stuff next year, we get some fun decorations in starting in August. We are all mostly sold out right now, but we usually get some fun stuff in early. (This all depends on whether or not you have a Ross: Dress for Less in your area...)

  2. Here in the uk we seem to have skipped Halloween and gone straight for christmas!! I can't fine halloween decorations anywhere :(

  3. The first weekend in October is when the rest of our decorations will go up and I shall be posting those pictures next but here is my year-round collection (well some of it) I will show the others with the decorations pictures next time. Here is the link for the pictures -

    I love yours, especially your kitchen window and well all of them!! Thanks for sharing.


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