Sleepless Job-Related Prattle

Most of the time I don't sleep more than 7-8 hours. On rare occasions when I am exhausted, I've taken a shower the night before, the bed feels warm, and snoring doesn't wake me up I can sleep that blissful 10 hour night. Usually, though, I'm good if I hit 7 hours.

I say I'm good if that happens, because it usually doesn't. I usually am too tired to shower before bed after a long day, so I don't feel as comfortable as I'd like. I've usually got a lot on my mind. And snoring usually always keeps me up. Last night was no different.

Yesterday's workday was less than stellar. Sure, I sold $1500 worth of merchandise, but I also had $1500 in returns. So, I barely broke even. Sucks. Also, after spending half the day putting out new merchandise and redoing the visuals for my department, my GM decided it needed to be redone. Then, of course, I had to clean up my GM's mess, because it looked awful afterwards. But...that's just par for the course in retail. It really didn't get to me, or, at least, I didn't think it got to me.

Last night I was tossing and turning, not for any of the above reasons (okay...okay...I hadn't showered, but that really wasn't it), but because I was dreaming about work! I know! I'm pathetic! I dreamt that the new girl was now also taking over my department, which really shouldn't bother me, and I kept dreaming about getting more and more returns, and it was all just so silly... So, that feeling you get after spending a few hours in Dreamland, waking up feeling ready for a new, better day? Yeah... I'm still living in 9:30p last night with the feelings of, "Gods, today sucked!"

I know the advice. Wind down after work. Take a jog to get my mind off things. Listen to music or watch the new Margaret Cho DVD I just got in from Netflix. (Yes, I think I'll do that.) But, the interesting thing is, I was having a conversation with Partner last night about how my boss is her job. I actually feel a little sorry for her in that regard, although she could very easily be running the company before she's 30. This is the exact kind of thing I was talking about, however.

How weird/pathetic/tragic is it that I dreamt all night of work?

As I always say: Any dream that doesn't involve Tom Welling is a total waste of sleep.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte 


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  2. I've dreamt about work as well sometimes, and it's sucks every time. I feel cheated.

  3. Chronic insomniac trying to fix myself.
    I also dream about work, work dreams are almost never good dreams, either. When you've spent all day working your butt off and then you finally get out and get home and then in your mind you're right back at work, I agree, it's like you've been cheated,lol.
    The shower thing is one of my lynch pins for a good night's sleep, but I also drink some calming tea and lately I've been trying to meditate before bed. It's definitely helping me.


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