Dabble Dabble, You're in Trouble!

Christine O'Donnell - a Republican/Tea Party candidate for Senate in Delaware - has quickly become famous in the news media in the last month. Every corner of the news media. Even the pagan news media. Christine O'Donnell, on the surface, seems to be your typical fringe, right-wing ultraconservative candidate:

  • She's anti-abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.
  • She opposes stem cell research.
  • She really hates government spending, wants to reduce taxes, and basically doesn't understand how taxes = money for governmental agencies and programs.
  • She wants to drill as many new oil wells as humanly possible. 
  • She loves herself some anti-immigration reform.
  • She doesn't like health care or Social Security.

And on and on and on. To be perfectly honest, if these were her only qualifications this wouldn't be fodder for The Riot. She would be yet another in the sea of John Boehner's and Sharon Angle's, a funny joke on a left-leaning political show, but nothing more. However, the things coming out of her mouth have just gotten so dang funny you almost can't ignore her. It's Palin/Bush-esque in the sense that you find yourself waiting to hear what she has to say simply to get a good laugh. 

Then there came what the interwebs (and by the interwebs, I mean The Wild Hunt, as a handy Google search proved) are calling Dabble Gate. (Why, whenever there's a political controversy, must we reference Richard Nixon?) Dabble Gate comes from a comment that recently resurfaced concerning Ms. O'Donnell appearing on a late '90s episode of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. The quote is as follows:

Let's examine that quote just a bit, because a looooooot of pagan folk - and some news media - have been attempting to say when she said she dabbled in witchcraft, that's what she meant. She said she hung out with witches and they told her what they did.

I'm sorry, I don't know how everyone turned this into more than it was, but it sounds like one time at Starbuck's she was sitting close enough to some goth kids and overheard them talking about their plans to worship the Goddess at the full moon. She went on a date and found out later it was on a supposed 'satanic altar.' Really? I mean... REALLY?!

As far as I knew only a few folks on the interwebs and a few of the newscaster jokesters (like Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report) were harping on this at all. It certainly hasn't 'dominated' the coverage of her campaign. Comments such as believing scientists have created human/mice hybrids or that China is secretly planning to invade America - and she knows all the classified secrets about it - THOSE are comments that punctuate her news coverage. This thing has flown under the mainstream radar so well it was pretty much off the news cycle, if it was ever really on.

And then the dumb chick had to go and make this ad:


Oh, and by the way, I'm totally, completely, unbelievably NOT a witch. I just... I am at a loss. I'm no expert in political science or campaign managing or anything, but I think it was possibly the dumbest thing one could do to publicly acknowledge this drivel. It's not like this is even a good 'gotcha' moment! The girl is so uber-Christo-conservative she thinks masturbation is adultery. Ya know, all that sex you're having with...umm...err....nobody....

To acknowledge this as important enough to create an entirely new ad campaign? The manager of her sham of a campaign should be fired, but - sadly - this chick might actually win the state. Her campaign went from barely able to get by to a multi-million dollar affair. 

But to briefly discuss the content of this new campaign, I have to also take issue with the confused message. 'I'm you.' Not 'I'm like you,' or 'I relate to you,' or 'I'm the same as you,' or anything remotely resembling a metaphor. No.... That's too big of a concept for this wing-nut. She said she is 'you.' What kind of message is that?  

I have to give a LOT of props to Bex over at the Bex's Hexes blog. She's started a great new 'I am you,' campaign. Through her article and accompanying video, she reminds folks that being a witch is merely one teeny tiny aspect of what makes a whole person, and that it's not relegated to the fringes of whacked out/fairy wings and glitter society. You can be a moderately normal person and still be a witch. 

While I haven't made an official 'I am you' article or video, you can bet one is coming your way, as well as an appearance by Bex on my next show (hopefully) to discuss the importance of discussing these political and social issues in a meaningful context. Catch Bex's video below and leave a comment over this whole controversy. Does it have substance, or is it baseless? 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. The last thing we need is some big face in the media openly dissing witchcraft; not only did she misrepresent the entirety of witchcraft as devil worshiping, but this whole "I'm You" thing is basically implying that normal, ordinary, smart Americans are not witches, and that if YOU are a smart, normal person who can make good political decisions, you are not a witch either. Wake up, people.
    *ends rant*

  2. When this whole thing first came out I didn't want any part of it, because I knew it would just get me into a ranting mood. But, between you and Bex - I don't have to say a whole lot. Since when does being a witch mean I'm not normal?!?! Gee Thanks Lady, who "dabbled" in witchcraft for deciding for me that I'm, in all essence, unnatural (which, excuse me, makes NO sense at all!)

    Well, I feel better! Thanks for posting that link to Bex's blog. Felt good to join that campaign.

  3. Honestly, I don't really know that many "normal" witches =p
    Atleast it tends to make them far more interesting than normal people anyway =p

  4. Thanks for posting this Fire Lyte! Her ad just really rubbed me the wrong way and I felt like she was insulting me and all my Pagan friends. I am glad people are liking my I am You "campaign" and I would love to come on your next show and discuss it! Thanks for being such a great support as always!


  5. She just comes off as extremely fake in the ad. And like I said before..... what is with those pearls? It seriously looks like she is trying to be a 50's sitcom housewife.

    I guess she's not going for the "witch" vote. Lol

  6. Been wondering about the pearls too. They seem to be all the rage with Rightie pundits and politicians for the past year, its like they agreed on a uniform.

  7. Splendificus!!! Extra Exclamation!October 9, 2010 at 3:09 AM

    Its sad that politics have come to this, but if I lived in that state, I would vote for Her Pearlishousness (O'Donnell). I trust she would vote closer to the constitution than her opponent. I disagree with her stances on social issues, but if she votes her way on those issues, the courts would slap them down like mosquitoes.

    In other news, Masturbation is funny. Brett Favre has shared this fact with the nation. Poor Vikings :(

  8. Oh bananas. No one challenged me :(

    I was hoping to light a fire under comfortable thinking! =p In reality I would probably sit out that race if I lived there =p


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