Finally, a party.

Back in Texas I never really had to worry about sabbat plans. I had a just-big-enough-for-me sized group of pagan-y friends - or friends that were completely fine with my spiritual path - that gathered together for (nearly) each spoke on the Wheel of the Year. After moving from there to the Chicagoland area, however, I fear I don't have that anymore.

But, it's more than just a lack of pagan friends; I haven't made too many 'friends' in Chicago at all. We moved here and haven't really been able to put down roots. Until recently, that is.

It's an odd thing to try and make social connections outside of typical social settings like school or work. Now, though, I am finally resting. Or, at least, getting comfortable.

Today marked my 90th day with my company. That, for some odd reason, is the magic number of days it takes for me to officially work there. Like, for permanent. Since I moved here I haven't worked at any job past the 90 day mark. I served coffee, waited tables, worked back in the juvenile system, worked at a lower-end designer shop, and all of this in the last year. But, now I'm reaching a 90 day mark somewhere. I'm putting down roots.

And I have a party coming up!

That's right! I have planned my first party for a few friends from work - and a few from what amounts to the shreds of my social life - on October 30th, a Saturday. This is my first time truly entertaining at our new place. Partner and I need this. It sort of completes a process of nesting in the new place. Once you've made your house your home, you've gotten comfortable in a job, you deserve to have a life.

So maybe, just maybe, this is a sign that I might be on the path to gaining a pagan friend. I don't really know why having non-magical friends means that I'm any closer to having a pagan buddy, but perhaps. I think if you put it out in the universe, if you've prepared a space in your life and psyche for someone, then maybe...just'll be rewarded for that. Oh wait, I busted the Law of Attraction. 

What are your Samhain plans? Do they include a get together with like-minded pals, or trick or treating with the kiddies? Let me know!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I hear ya on that one! This is the first place I have lived for more then 9 months. I was in the same town before but just when I was starting like I had a group, we left. this year we are going to an Alaskan Party! Burn shit and drink! Last year I didnt get invited anywhere so I am stoked! Have an awesome party and congrats about the job! That is so awesome! :)

  2. I have lived in the same area since I was born. When I decided to become pagan I had a bit of a "group" but they were all my ex boyfriends friends. So when the relationship failed, I lost my community connections. This is a pretty small area, so anyone I meet up with is going to have known my ex.

    I've been trying to branch out again recently... its been its been about two years since my ex and I split - So I've decided its about time to check out the community again, maybe see some new faces, and make new friends.

    I'm attempting to get a Pagan Book Club together, but I haven't had too much success lately. I figured I'd try again when I came back from my mini vacation this weekend.

    This year I have my own little personal Samhain plans, and then hopefully I get to spend some time with my current, amazing, lovely boyfriend and then go bowling after work. My friend set up a costume bowling night - or something. Should be fun.

    Good luck with your plans and congrats on work, and community.

  3. My plans for Samhain involve a special kind of new beginning. I'm working on buying my own home, so I won't be dependent on my parents anymore.


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