Pagan Podkin Supermoot pt. 1 (Things Podkin Say)

Just in case you're ever in a room with Isaac of the Pagan Hooligans podcast, and you'd like to make him laugh until he pees, you should probably say the following:

Pyrokinesis is better than no kinesis at all, I always say.

Also, just a heads-up, Gillian of Iron Powaqa radio has a grandfather named PapPap that REALLY needs you to hear the following message:

M4I3L7!!!! MOON MOON MOON!!!!!!

Then, of course, one cannot even speak of that first night of the podkin Supermoot without discussing the Nog. We cannot even talk about the Nog fully in this setting for fear of pissing it off and causing it run amok in people's pantries, but just know that you must...under any and all circumstances


The first evening of the Pagan Podkin Supermoot was an unbelievable success! These people truly bring so much joy to my life, as I'm sure they do to yours. Their intellect and insight is tempered so naturally and easily with humor and knowing how to have a good time. Should this kind of evening never happen again, I am grateful to have been able to spend at least one night with this undeniably magical group of people.

Remember!! TODAY at 11am all of your favorite Supermoot attendees will be at Witchy Wearables in Midlothian, IL. You can Google or Mapquest those directions. Come by and enjoy the fabulous craft fair and fabulous podkin. I cannot wait to meet all of you!

But, remember, #FeartheNog.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Ahhh, to be partying with such a group! I am so jealous! When is the Podkin supermoot tour heading South?

  2. Hearing Isaac do the Pagan Hooligans intro in person was excellent! lol


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