Fire Lyte's Charge of the Goddess

During my lunch break, I popped open Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler. I'm really enjoying the book. There's mention of the Charge of the Goddess, and something came over me when I was reading it today. I had the urge, the inclination, to pick up a pen. What came out was, perhaps, a rough draft for my own personal Charge of the Goddess. Parts of it are exceedingly fluffy, but it was exactly what came out.

I will admit, parts of this I do feel were inspirational. By that I mean...and I know this sounds false coming from me of all people...but I feel some of these stanzas were directly from the Goddess. Or, at least, whatever divine entity instructed my gut and my hand to pick up pen and put it to paper this afternoon around 3:14.

It is rudimentary at best, and I apologize in advance for the childish phrasing. It is quite obvious to me that I could not have been the author of the complete piece, because - as you know by now - it is not written in my signature style.

Be that as it may, please use this (or any part of it) for your own use. Just let me know you're doing it, please. Also, if you have made your versions of the Charge of the Goddess, pass those along as well. Enjoy!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Fire Lyte's Charge of the Goddess

Hear me for I am the Goddess, the She Divinity, the Divine Mother and Sister and Friend and Lover and Poet and Inspiration and Confidante.

Hear me, my beloved, for when you feel lost know that I have my finger on the map of the universe pointing exactly where you are standing.

Hear me that destroys and is riled to anger like the She-Bear, the WILD MOTHER WHO ROARS WITH MIGHT AND PAIN AND PROTECTION and instinct.

Hear me in the quiet when the veil is open and you may look upon me and know that I am the light of the moon and the burn of the heart’s passion.

Know me as the guardian of your mother’s womb. Know me as your mother, but honor your physical mother as you honor me, for she was chosen for you. Know also that She who was your Mother-Chosen may not be linked to you by blood.

Hear the words of the Goddess and know that your worship is never wrong or not on time or inappropriate if it is always done out of Love.

Know that the greatest lesson of all is to Love and know Love and believe in it.

Know that magic is merely a force, and it may be used by the magician for any means. It is not evil, though it may be used for an evil purpose.

Know that just as I may be riled to anger as the Wild Goddess, so too are you forgiven for your anger. Also, know that protection of yourself and our loved ones is holy.

Worship out of Love and Harmony with the Infinite. In that manner be Blessed.

Blessed are those that seek to know the deeper knowledge, but blessed are all those that seek.

Blessed are the Dead for they live on and advise and Love Eternal.

Know that nothing separates you from me and nothing ever will.

Know that I am known by an infinite number of names and answer to them all.

Know that all worship of the Divine worships me and even some names I am known by are male.

Know that I am She but also He, for nothing is truly separate and nothing is truly out of reach of the Divine for we all are One.

Praise be to my sacred, beloved Children. I love you in kind even when you do not love or know or respond or acknowledge or name me, for that is the Power of Love-Infinite.

Hear my words and Know.

Blessed Be.


  1. I really like it! I feel like it pours from the spiritual heart, which is where it should come from. I've been listening to back podcasts and poking about your blog for a couple of weeks, and I just have to say that when you write or speak from that spiritual core, my sense of spirituality comes alive. I love hearing your thoughts about the Divine because it gives me a different lens to view my own beliefs. Thank you for sharing!

    Blessed Be!

  2. OMGosh i love it! As we have talked I do think the Charge is one of the most beautiful pieces of work anyway and I recite it often in ritual. Your take on it is really inspired. I indeed may "borrow" this in my own practice. ;)

  3. How beautiful! Drawing Down the Moon is one of my foundation books. It really helped me clarify my thoughts & learn to explain them to others.

  4. Thats awesome! I love moments of spiritual inspiration like that :)

  5. I like it more than the original I think. Or at least differently. It's very beautiful :]

  6. That tugged on my heart strings and sounded like it was from Her own mouth. Gorgeous darling, gorgeous.

  7. Very nice. Sound like the true spirit of a loving mother indeed.


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