Oh my god! It's a DOME!

Christian fanatics in Phoenix, Arizona have gotten themselves worked into a tizzy about a mosque that is being built there. The new facility has been in the process of being built for quite some time without upset, but when the builders began work on the building's most distinct architectural feature - a dome - that's when the followers of the one true spaghetti monster in the sky flipped their lid.

Apparently, with the building of the mosque/community center in lower Manhattan, Arizona's more politically dull Christian Islamophobes freaked out the moment a dome appeared on the structure. Before the dome everything was fine, once it was built...well...we just can't be having all those domes on buildings, you know.

Except, here's the kicker:

It's a Christian church.

That's right. These concerned citizens got so worked up about the possibility of some Muslim invasion that they targeted the nearest building with a dome. Because, you know, a dome = mosque. 

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, "Look at what the media is doing to society!" More specifically, look at what the extremist fear-mongers on certain networks are doing to the American people. People are getting so violently charged up about this supposed Islamic takeover of the U.S. that they can't think straight. They confuse rounded rooftops for alternative houses of worship and get pissed about their possible existence. 

The church finally put up a sign saying, "If you think different you are wrong. We are building a Christian house of prayer." Hopefully this stemmed some of those angry phone calls they were getting.

In similarly outrageous news: 70% of voters in Oklahoma voted in a law stating that Sharia law would not be allowed to be considered in American courts. You know, because that's so likely to happen in the criminal justice system.

These people are afraid. They're scared, and they're acting out in ways that don't make any sort of sense. Outlawing theocratic justice systems prematurely and protesting any building with a dome out of fear that it might just be a different kind of house of worship. This is all due to those sound bytes and talking points that we're fed from the partisan media. 

Be afraid! Be afraid! Muslims are out to get you! Obama is an evil socialist! Democrats want to end your personal freedom! Republicans are the only way out of this evil, socialist, communist, Kenyan mess! 

These kinds of news stories sound funny, but they're quite scary when you put them in context. What happens when it's not just some angry, concerned phone calls, but a protest line? What about a violent outburst, or worse? All over a misunderstanding. 

A dome on a new church.

What do you think?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase Holy Crap.

  2. OH OH OH, The POWER of symbols!

  3. Xenophobia at it's best right there. Our education system is failing our country by not teaching ALL of US History. Kids need to be taught the dangers of xenophobia before they are old enough to vote, instead of being sheltered from things like the Japanese-American concentration camps during WWII and the Alien and Sedation Acts put in place early in our history.

  4. The Phoenix thing is hilarious. I would have voted for the Oklahoma law, it also covered international law I believe.

  5. Ok, Splendificus, now really... You really, REALLY think that any sort of international law - especially Sharia law - has any chance of suddenly taking over the American court system?


    It's just so preposterous. That's like saying, "Ok... Now before we start playing Monopoly, I am declaring we are NOT - under any circumstances - to use Candy Land rules."

  6. International Law has already been used in reasoning by several courts, most noticeably by Justice Ginsberg.

    So yes, I am concerned about International laws being used, Sharia not so much...except for cases concerning Sharia Compliant banking, but thats kind of a different matter.

  7. So, all the football fields with domes are?!?!? I know panic first and look it up later. Works in Canada too.


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