The Podcast Awards: Cast YOUR Nomination!

Every year, for the past 6 years, the podcasting community gets all in a tizzy, because it is this time of year that the annual Podcast Awards come out. These awards are nominated and voted on by you, the listeners. For the past couple of years the Wigglian Way's listeners have gotten them nominated in the Religion/Inspiration category, but - sadly - they have never won the category.


In the last year, so many wonderful shows have come to prominence in the pagan podcasting community. Witches BrewHaha, New World Witchery, Iron Powaqa Radio, the Pagan Hooligans, Pennies in the Well, and so many others have taken over the pagan podcasting scene and are doing a phenomenal job. There are so many differing opinions, interesting takes, and a wealth of knowledge that is being shared for free and on the dime and time of the podcaster.

One way you can show your love for your favorite show is to nominate it for a Podcast Award. The Religion/Inspiration category is just begging to be won this year by a pagan podcast, but we are up against some tough competition. There are lots of fabulous religious podcasts out there with huge Christian, Muslim, Jewish (and more) audiences, but I feel we can beat them!

So, what you need to do is pick your favorite podcast - don't feel bad if it's not this one - and nominate them in the Religion/Inspiration category. Unlike Podcast Alley, you cannot vote for all your favorite shows. You have to pick one, as you can only send in your nomination once. 

Yes, I'd love it if you nominated Inciting A Riot: the Podcast, but as long as you're out there nominating a pagan podcast I'm happy. We're all one big, Nog-loving podkin community. 

So head over to and fill out the form with all your favorite shows in each respective category. You cannot nominate a show twice in a category (unless you're nominating a show for either Best Produced or People's Choice), so read those rules carefully! So, nominate Inciting A Riot your favorite pagan podcast for the Religion/Inspiration category and then get ready to vote in December! 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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