Design My Holiday Show!

Quick, Rioters! Put your Speedos and Santa Hats on and get me a little holiday help!
With Yule just three days away and Christmas just a week away, it's time for all your favorite podcasts to put out their holiday shows. So, while I am in a mad dash to wrap up the promised Buddhism episode, I thought we would do something fun - and a little less Riotous than usual.

Instead of a usual show full of news and me griping and some words you probably have never heard of, we're going to have a rich show chock full of your favorite stories, poems, and songs. BUT!! In order for this to go off without a hitch, and in order for it to be fairly easy for me to get completed and out by next weekend, I need your help.

So, submit your favorite Yule/Christmas/Winter Solstice/Icy Holiday Of Choice poems, carols, songs, stories, lore, words, etc. to Also - and I'm talking to you Witchy Godmother, especially - if you are a writer and you'd like to submit your own story, feel free! I can already tell you that I'm writing a special story just for the occasion, and I've already selected 3 of the songs. But there's still a lot to choose! I need between 5 and 8 stories - depending on length - to choose from, as well as lots of songs, some poems, lore, and a whole lot more! If you have any holiday themed or spiritual words you'd like me to research, send those in as well!

So get those emails in soon! Help me design my holiday show!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I see my name, actually funny thing is that a Yule story just came to mind this morning and I would be happy to share it with you. I should have it all finished up either later today or tomorrow morning.
    Hugs and sparkles


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