When did you choose to be straight?

Rioters, you are an absolutely fabulous group of individuals. Rioter AbbyD sent me a link to the following video. I'm not really sure I need to editorialize this. I would, however, love your feedback about the video. Do you think it makes a valid point, or is it an example of 'gotcha' questioning - where there's no right/good answer? I could argue both points, but as this is an emotional issue for me...I think I'll save it until I hear from you.


Oh, and just for a little bit of fun, there's a second video that was under the 'Related Videos' section of this clip on YouTube. I found it hilarious - and cute - and thus included it.

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Fire Lyte


  1. this is awesome! there are too many people who don't ever think that others might be just like them... just born that way.

    And i love making people think about what they are saying. when im asked why im vegetarian, i respond "why do you eat meat?" People should actually think about these things before they make opinions.

  2. AWESOMMMMEE i am sharing this as we speak! i love that the people look like they have no real idea what to say when they ask them. it really makes them think about homosexuality from a new perspective.Gay is OK!

  3. I have seen both of these before, and shared them. I love these videos. I think, if nothing else, it makes people think. One of my professors says his job isn't to make us memorize and regurgitate information, it is to make us think. And as long as we're thinking about the philisophical and moral topics he is bringing up, when faced with them in real life we will have educated reactions. If people are forced to consider the other side of a situation than they are opening their minds, whether they wanted to or not.

  4. Odom of the Evil EyeDecember 2, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    Ha! That was great. While I do think environment effects behavior, I do not believe that it dictates behavior. A person's genetic code is the most basic physical definition of that person, and I believe genetics play a larger role in behavior than environment.

    Conditioning and education most certainly play an important role in development, though I do not see it having an affect on sexual preference, which is genetic. It is my opinion that people are born homosexual, just as people are born with dark skin or blonde hair.

    As for the second video, that was humorous, yet at the same time brought up really good points.

    Anyway, great videos, I liked the fact the interviewer made people double-take and stumble. Sometimes people (myself included) just need a swift kick in the ass. :)

  5. Perfect. And perfectly timed as I was just getting cranked up about the idiots in Portland Oregon who won't accept charity for the homeless because it's coming from the LGBT community. Thanks for some thoughtful videos!

  6. both of these are great :)


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