Hear Ye! Hear Ye! PPSM Numero DOS!!!

Attention, Attention! One and all! Witch and Wigglian. Hooligan and Student. Those with black cats and those with roots, stones, and bones! Harken to the following poorly written poem that I completed, start to finish, in approximately 14 seconds announcement:

In the month of September, that's in the fall,

a gathering shall happen; one that's for all!

Both Podkin and Listener shall finally meet,

and stay up all night at the annual Nog Feast!

It's the second time it's happened, this Supermoot of sorts,

and we hope you'll join us to frolic and cavort.

The 17th is your target, the whole weekend really,

plenty of time to geek out something silly.

So the date you know, but the location not yet,

for the best part of this moot is where it is set.

In Ol' Salem we've chosen to place this year's meet.

You're probably in shock! I know! It's so neat!

So I'll see you in Autumn, for now I must leave,

and with Love and Lyte I shall take my reprieve.

That's right Rioters and Witches and Wigglians and Listeners and Hooligans and Students and Ass Eaters and  lovers, old and new, of podcasts, I am talking about the Pagan Podkin Supermoot 2011!!! Velma and I have been working very hard already to prepare for this year's event, which I hope will blow last year's out of the water! (Not that it wasn't fun...just...you know...it was late fall in Chicago. Not quite a super happy fun time with the weather and all.) 

The official date is the weekend of the 17th of September. While there is not an itinerary as of yet, I'm assuming it will go something like last year's. Everybody will be arriving all day on Friday the 16th, we will frolic and make merry on Saturday throughout Salem. We will continue to frolic - unless you happen to be leaving - on Sunday. And then everybody that's left goes home on Monday.  Unless, of course, you are Velma, and you plan on moving to Salem for at least another week.

The first PPSM was an unbelievably amazing experience, but the biggest complaint we got was from listeners who wanted to come but didn't have enough notice. Well, fear not, loyal listener! It is JANUARY and the event is not until SEPTEMBER! You have 9 months to plan, book a hotel if need be, and prepare yourselves for the event of a lifetime. 

Or...you know...until the next one. 

Podkin, don't worry. I will be emailing you individually with dates and hotel information. But, don't fret, because you will have until Midsummer to make a decision. 

Pack your bags, Rioters! I cannot wait to see you all in SALEM, Massachusetts the weekend of September 17th! Please comment or email me with any suggestions on stores, events to attend, or if you're a shop owner that would like to host a listener/podkin meet & greet! (Witchy Wearables did quite well due to our visit, or so I hear. So...it might be lucrative! Plus! Free publicity never hurts!)

May his Holiness, the Nog, bless you with fear and revelry.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. This is an amazing idea. I am already planning on being there. I have always wanted to go to Salem and now I have the perfect reason to get my butt there for PPS 2011. Chicago was fun but it was hard to really talk to everyone and just hang out with you guys. I am so looking forward to this. You guys have made my day! Yippee!

  2. I want to be there! I have friends in the area I could stay with and skip the hotel thing, as well... Can't wait!

    Alas, I am an ocean away and will be starting the world's most daunting task (dissertation writing) in early September.

    Love y'all, a most broken hearted,

  4. I would -love- to be a part of this meeting! :-D

    I've discovered your show only a couple of months ago, but I already love it. And, of course, I listen all the other pagans podcasts mentionned.

    This news will certainly have me thinking for the next months! :-D I'm from Montreal, Canada, and -always- wanted to go to Salem. I LOVE the date you chose, as well. Do NOT move it! :-D

  5. Yay! Just got my vacation in, looks like Im going. Looking forward to the moot.


  6. *checks vacation hours on last paystub* 114 hours!! Count me in. :)

    As long as I can plan properly this should be an event I will be attending!! Oh how I've missed the online community these past couple of months. I came back at the right time!

  7. *cry* Last year you were half the country away...

    This year, you sent the rest of the way! Oh, curses for living in southern California... well, except for the excellent weather. And beaches.

    While I would give my eye teeth to be there, I can not afford it. I do want a very detailed podcast afterward about everything PPSM!

  8. Drinara I'm just going for it. I'm in Northern California. I'm gonna road trip it the whole way. :) Its cheap to get tickets NOW... but I don't have the money for that right now... and by the time I do, the tickets will be twice as much. So I'm just gonna put aside the money I can and road trip it the whole way. ^_^

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