A Year of Rioting Ended, and A Ringing in of 2011!

It's the end of quite a few things today. The end of a year. The end of Mercury Retrograde. Ok...that end came a couple of days ago, but who's counting? And, in many ways, 2010 marked the end of a lot of important things in my life.

I realized that the end had come on my career in the court system. It just wasn't going to happen, and the more I tried to make a go at it, the more miserable I became. The gods let me have my try, but they knew better. I am now, though I wasn't then, quite grateful for that. I just kind of realized that the gods were playing the role of parent to me in that aspect. They have many faces and are quite mysterious, but they are so like parents in that aspect.

Parents have many secrets that children do not know. Where do they go during the day? (Where are they when we can't see them?) Why do they make the decisions they do? Why do they punish us? Why, oh why, must they insist on showing up at the most inopportune times, especially when we think we are looking really cool?

But that is their mystery. We are their children, and though their ways are a mystery to us...that's the point. We aren't meant to know, yet. We have growing to do.

This year was also the end to a great sense of loneliness I felt since the move from Texas to Illinois. Sure, you are all pretty far away from me, but the podcaster/blogger friends that I have made this year are utterly invaluable. Velma, you, especially, are an immense blessing to my life. You have shown me that there are fantastically normal, fiercely magical people out there. You've also shown me why I should never bring up the subject of fake flowers in mixed company. (By they way, Episode 7 of Inciting A BrewHaHa is out now! Go download it.)

By extension, each one of you podkin - especially those at Supermoot this year - has been a great influence on the way I think, the way I act, and the way I approach my relationship with the divine. You challenge me, disagree with me, build me up, tear me down, and help me find the Crazy Glue when I need put back together. And, I love you all for it.

2010 saw the end of me being low man on the totem pole in my professional life. Well, except for that wrongful firing from the county, but that's a back post and a dead issue. :-) Thankfully, the gods saw fit for me to rise fairly quickly into a position where I now have - at least some - control over my surroundings. Partner and I have been able to become a bit more comfortable than we were before, and I am hoping that 2011 sees us reaping the fruits of what was planted in 2010.

This last year saw the Riot rising on the internet to become a mainstay of the pagan blogosphere and podioverse. It was the source of Project Pagan Enough, a second podcast with Velma Nightshade, a place for news and stories and a place to challenge convention. It was a source of community, for me anyway. I was able to feel like I mattered a bit more than I did before. The amount of feedback and love that was shown is immense, and I thank you.

2011 is here. I hope that there is just as much excitement, just as much promise, and just as much Riot in the month's to come. I take everything good from 2010 with me, and leave the rest behind. Tonight, before I go to bed, I'll be burning sweetgrass and sage to make way for new beginnings. I'll also be burning a candle for you, Dear Rioter. I'll be burning a candle for the Rioters, collectively, hoping that you all may receive every blessing the new year has to offer.

As I get used to my new job, and my work life settles down after the holiday season, I hope to be right back in the podcasting saddle, bringing the Riot straight to your headphones, computer speakers, and car system. You bless me endlessly with your devotion, friendship, and intellectual acuity. If the audience was not there, I would not do this.

Thank you, and may you be blessed with all the wonderful things the Universe can give.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Great post! I'm thankful I found your podcasts in 2010 and look forward to listening to more of them this new year. Happy New Year


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