Chris Lee: The Next Republican Sex Scandal

Chris Lee is not a name most Americans knew yesterday. Sadly, though, everyone is about to hear and see a lot more of him than we wanted to. Starting now:

Mr. Lee is a Republican Congressman from the 26th District of New York. Gawker actually broke the story of how this married, pro-DADT, anti-abortion Congressman went prowling for women on Craigslist. Actually, I encourage you to click on that link, read the story (it's very quick; I promise) and get yourself caught up.

Now, I don't really want to resort to political gossip. But, I am reporting it on the Riot to highlight an ongoing problem. Politicians are complete idiots. Especially the ones that cheat on their spouses. Do they not realize that this is becoming cliche'? The family values Republican who gets caught up in a cheating scandal.

Congressman Lee by comparison hasn't really done too much in the way of 'Awful Terrible No Good Very Bad Cheaterman.' Other than, of course, being an awful terrible no good very bad cheaterman. Do people not know that the internet works both ways? 

And can quickly and easily make the cookie cutter responses: How dare someone like that invalidate the love lives of other Americans when his is a sham. Blah blah blah. This is so old I don't even think this story will last the next 24-hour news cycle. 

Why won't this story last? Well, the news broke today, and the Congressman resigned today. Yep, he knew what was good for him. I suppose Republicans are finally learning. When your sex scandal is exposed on a gossip site and then circles the globe faster than tweets about Lady Gaga's next single, your best bet is to just get while the getting is still good. 

What's with folks these days?! Do they not realize they WILL be found out? Republican politicans, especially, that are so public about their pro-denying marriage and abortion rights stance, all these 'pro-family' folks, continue to invalidate the modern meaning of marriage and just piss the rest of us off. 

Like I said, it's a cliche' and it's a bad one. 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Hi Fire, so glad I found your blog, I like it a lot. I thought the same thing when I saw this yesterday: What is wrong with politicians? Don't they get the concept that if they do stuff like this they are going to get caught? Whatever happened to discreet immoral behavior? VERY embarrassing to the Republican party, not to mention this dude's wife.

  2. I'm on my way to read the full story, but I must be honest, I am still trying to digest the fact that an "intelligent" individual with a family decided to cheat through Craigslist. Wow!

  3. And these are the people that say gay marriage would ruin the sanctity and institution of marriage when they are out chasing tail and cheating on their wives?! Cheaters say what? I am so sick and tired of people thinking they are better than everyone else because they are straight, white and Christian when in fact they are hypocrites that do not practice what they preach. When is the world going to open up their eyes and see that we are all human and we deserve the same rights?


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