Episode 48: Inciting A Glaring Riot

Episode 39 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Glaring Riot! We’ll be looking at envy, jealousy, and the power of the Evil Eye.

News: The revolution in the Middle East, budget reform in America, some news about DOMA, and a former Senate candidate is selling cosmetics.

Word of the Day: flounce

Gripe Department: A Gripe Department brought up by you, the Rioters, concerning the Pagan Homesteader Podcast by Rianna Stone.

Sociology: Unions…again

Music: Boys with Girlfriends by Meiko

Spirituality: The Evil Evil Eye

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  1. Just finished listening to your podcast, which makes time go by much easier at the gym.

    You wanted to hear some opinions about unions, here's my two cents. I have a new con for your union list. Under-active Unions. I worked for Smith Food and Drug, a Kroger grocery store for a little over three years. It was one of whose rare private sector union jobs. When I first started there as a bagger I was only making 5.35 an hour, when I quit 3 years later I was making a little over 8.00 an hour. To me it seemed like the only good our union was doing us was making it a little harder to fire people. We also had medical benifits, but one had to work for the company for a year before one could recieve them. We also had dental, but one had to work for the company for 3 years to recieve that. From my knowledge the benifits were the union's main focus, so they were willing to let the pay slide, if Kroger agreed to keep employee health and dental.

    On the upside they did come to my rescue once. Anyone who has work for a large corparation knows how out of touch upper and upper upper management can be. One time I was written up for hand ringing too often. A hand ring is when an item is not in the store's inventory so the cashier has to enter the price by hand. Apparently this caused some issue with tracking inventory and profits. So instead of going to the source of the issue which was with the people entering the inventory they went after the cashiers. I was writen up twice and told if I got written up one more time I would be fired. I could not control what customers picked up and brought to my line, so I knew I very well could get written up again and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. So I called the Union. Soon after that they stopped writing the cashier up for the hand rings. If it wasn't for the union I, and some of the other cashiers could have been fire for a really really stupid reason.


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