6 Months to a More Magical Me! (The 'Do The Stuff' Challenge)

Magic. Faith. Religion. Spiritual Practice. From time to time, my opinion on each waxes and wanes. In the past...oh...year, I seem to have been in a progressively waning phase. Not that I disbelieve in magic, my faith, my spiritual beliefs, etc., but I sometimes feel as though I have lost something. Possibly that urge, that desire to please the gods. 

I remember that I used to always buy a bouquet of flowers appropriate to the season for each sabbat. It sat on my altar during the day, and then would sit in my living room until they faded. Now, I still try and make one or two special foods for the occasion, but if I were being very honest with myself, I haven't made the effort since Samhain. (and even then...it wasn't much)

I want to be excited again. I want to actively engage with the divine and enrich my daily life with a little more magic. I had considered, at the beginning of the year, making a New Year's Resolution to do all the 'stuff' for the entire year, but I know better than to make a spur of the moment vow. They tend to be made with the best of intentions and disappear as quickly as they were made. No... I needed accountability and a realistic goal. 

Enter Velma Nightshade. Velma has become a very good friend of mine over the past year, and when she heard about my desire, she made a pact with me. If I 'Do the Stuff' for the next 6 months, she, in turn, would begin exercising 3 times a week. (Her idea, not mine.) So...this is my Do the Stuff challenge: 
  • I will perform ritual for every Full and Dark Moon. 
  • I will perform ritual for every Sabbat for the next 6 months.
  • I will overall celebrate each Sabbat with a special meal and by decorating my house in at least some small way.
I am hoping you'll join me. Take this next 6 months to get reacquainted with the religious, spiritual aspects of paganism if you - like me - have gotten a bit lazy about doing the stuff. I would go further and hope that this renewal of practice will filter into my daily life, but that is - perhaps - where my level of realism will interject. 

So, here we go. My second challenge for the year. My Real Food Challenge is going quite well. I've lost weight. I feel better. And, by now, my kitchen is stocked with healthy, whole foods. Let's hope this Do the Stuff challenge is just as successful, feeding not just the body but the mind and soul. Won't you take this 'Do the Stuff' challenge with me?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. What a wonderful idea(s)! Part of it that I think we wish to recapture is the innocence isn't it? That excitment when we first "discovered" the Goddess, or she first spoke to us in whatever manner it happened. I know those feelings can never fully return but I do believe that going through the motions WITH effort and intent can keep us connected. Good for you!

  2. A good thing to do for esbats in particular is to decorate the house with silver tinsel and appropriate flowers, with the purpose of making that day feel special in a way, different from the other days. I find it helps keep my practice going and inspires me to make an effort. It's kind of like Christmas as a kid, those two weeks are special because you make it special.

  3. what an awesome idea. I keep telling myself to do something like this... but I always forget to. I guess we should all just stop letting life get in the way and actually do the things we think are important.

  4. I am with you. I'll go for it, and blog my progress as well.

  5. I'm in total support of this! This is actually similar to something that I've planned on doing this year myself. I haven't made a formal pledge by any means, but the intent and mindset is there to get my pagan butt in gear. The same goes for the exercise portion as well :D.


  6. I am in too. I have gotten a bit lazy in my practice, not to say I don't give a nod each day it is not as deep as it was when I was a young witch. Mind you, back then (yes, it was the 60's) it was a lot of work finding the path or any person or book to work with. Those that people now look down their nose at were all that were out there then. At that time we worked hard to find what was good, what worked and what didn't, making our tools as we needed them. As things became easier to find, read and buy it was also easier to let things slide, so now I need to bring back what I learned in the beginning and walk the walk instead of sitting beside the path.
    Hugs and sparkles

  7. I think we all go through "phases"....the time between Samhain and Ostara is the Dark time, after all - a time of going within, a waning time. For me, I find it easier to do the day to day stuff: Taking five mins in the shower to ground and center, gathering energy during my morning cup o'brew, a quick (but heartfelt) "thank you and please bless us all" to the goddess while I'm styling my hair. Then I am in the right mindset for the day. Doing just those small things prepares me for the Sabbats/Esbats....

    And I agree with Witchy Godmother....everything is so easy now and right in your face....it makes it way to easy to take things for granted. I will join the challenge. I'd love to see everyone's posts about how they honored the holidays.

    ag serchowgrwydd yn fawr, (with much love)

  8. Love your blog! I have been pagan and interested in witchcraft for six years but I have never been able to get into the habit of observing the moons or Sabbats even though I really want to. I'm about to start an extremely busy time in my life but I think I'm going to try the same thing. Slightly different goals (more reading and such) but the same general thing. Thanks for this inspiring post and all the ones about how your life has been affected!


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