Do The Stuff Challenge: Ostara

It's been a week since Ostara, and I meant to give my report on my Ostara ritual experience, but life, work, and a juicy bit of news kept me from writing. (Hope you enjoyed the last article.) But, here it is!

I set up my Ostara altar on my fire place. 2 reasons: 1) I wanted a change of scenery, and 2) my fireplace is big and pretty and could accommodate all of my goodies. It looked a little something like this:

I had 4 elemental candles, my 5 eggs, and some other candles for scent and decor. Also, I had bunnies and other springtime/Ostara/Easter decorations adorning my mantle.

Again, I didn't cast circle in a typical fashion, but I did feel the tingly sensation of being "in circle." This was a sensation that, prior to ritual taking a backseat in my life, I had never really noticed before. I wonder if it was always there, or if I'm just trying to notice something, trying to 'get something' out of ritual. Thus, I'm making more of the mystical significance of ritual than there is.

Or, perhaps, it's as real as the feeling of eating too much food. You don't feel it everyday or all the time, but under the right conditions it's there.

Anyways, I gave an impromptu invitation to the God and Goddess after inviting the elements to regard and attend my circle. I then did my blessing and asked for various things I'd like in my life. Balance, wisdom, etc. Mundane things like enough money to have some left over after bills, and bigger things like deeper peace and lasting love in my relationship with Partner. You know, all those things you ask the gods for.

In all, I'd say it was a rather lovely, rewarding experience. I painted 5 eggs with colors and symbols of each element. I do that each year by Ostara, keep them on my altar or mantle until Easter, and then bury them in fertile soil with a nice plant or something to help the energies grow. I think this year they'll help to fertilize a small outdoor herb garden that's actually in the ground - as opposed to a pot like I normally have.

Hope it's nice. Below are some other pictures of the little bit of spring decor from my house. How did YOU spend your Ostara?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Spirit Candle
Earth Candle

Water Candle

Fire Candle

Air Candle


  1. Do you crack the shell prior burying it? Does a solid shell fertilize just as well as a cracked one? This might be a dumb question but I'm pretty plant-dumb.

  2. Sounds lovely. I'm not very educated on Pagan ways, but I have always been interesting in learning more.

  3. I spent my Ostara at the Air Show sitting on a knoll of grass that was pushing it's way up through the asphalt. These knolls were everywhere as far as the eye could see until the concrete tarmac. It was a sweet reminder of how persistent and resilient the earth is. We're just not as patient as She is. We're in the habit of seeing results right now.

    That tingling sensation you talked about. . . you're not imagining it. it is a very real thing. You are just paying more attention.

  4. Great ideas FL! I like the egg & candles color cordination...I'll have to try the candle thing for Litha! Mercedes


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