Do the Stuff Challenge: SuperMoon Rite and Ostara

Blessed Ostara Rioters! Today is a day of much celebration, as it is not only Ostara and a Full Moon (third day of the Full Moon), but it is also Partner's birthday! Today is also the second day of my Do the Stuff Challenge. If you'll recall, this challenge is my pledge to celebrate, decorate, and worshipate every Full & Dark Moon and Sabbat. Well, I get to kick it off in a big way this weekend, as two of those three things happened. Now, for an update (just to keep it fair and me accountable).

For the Full Moon: I went and purchased some white votive candles. Not full size votives, but smaller ones. Maybe...2 1/2 times the size of a tea light. Small, white, and perfect to keep out on an altar for an evening. They came in a package of 8, unscented. With one for each Full Moon, these should last me a while. I cleaned up the room that houses my altar - the telltale dust and detritus reminding me how long it's been since I've taking ritual seriously - and burned a bit of sage to cleanse my space. Partner wanted to watch, but since it had been a while since I had properly constructed a circle, and I knew that I would need all the concentration I could muster,  so I kicked both him and the kids out.

I lit my four elemental candles that I've had for quite some time and I summoned up a circle. Now, when I summon a circle, I don't cast in the four directions. As the correspondences of elements and directions and such tends to be one of those things not everyone agrees upon, I just speak to each element and ask that It enter, guard, and contribute to my circle. Once my circle was up, I began to ground and center.

Side Note: Grounding and Centering is VERY difficult to do with a house full of house guests on an upper level that are walking around directly above your altar room.

Now, when I began to speak to the Goddess...something happened. I had felt it when I first cast the circle, but when I began to draw upon the Moon and call on the Goddess, my skin felt tingly. My movements felt as though I were under water or as though there were some great pull of gravity affecting me. Interesting thing that I noticed was that this gravity felt like it were equally pulling me up and pushing me down. My upraised arms took no effort whatsoever to keep aloft.

I asked for forgiveness for being away, for a blessing upon myself and my household, and to simply hear and feel the Goddess in my daily life. I know the Super Moon is a rare occurrence to be taken advantage of, but I felt as though I had been away so long from proper practice that I needed to ride its wave of power to get myself right with the divine and open up my own inner core of power.

Once I had finished my rite and released the circle, I did notice some things... The pull and push I'd felt was gone. My movements were free and light, not heavy like they were in circle. Also, in circle I had this sensation of being covered in light - after being in circle a while - and that instantly was gone. Afterwards I toasted the Goddess with a very small bit of white wine and a leftover crust of bread.

All in all I will say that my first Full Moon of the Do The Stuff Challenge went swimmingly.

I'm quite looking forward to my Ostara Ritual this evening. I've already decorated my home (pictures later).

How was YOUR first Do the Stuff Challenge Full Moon?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I love your comment about not worrying about the directions and just opening yourself up tot he elements and letting them find their own space and place in your circle. That was beautiful and really inspiring to me. I have problems with direction and correspondences so your approach gave me some much appreciated perspective and inspiration. I may cast my first official circle tonight for Ostara. Great kick of to the DTS challenge. Good luck tonight and keep it up! -Moz

  2. The upcoming super moon and stumbling upon your Challenge inspired me and lite a fire that has been cool for awhile. I was also inspired to participate in a public Ostara ritual today. A kind of way to get to know the community where I live.

    With a nod to Laylune and Mama Marie, I used last night's incredible moon to make VanVan oil. It was amazing to draw upon both sides of my practice and is going a way to cement them together into what I have always wanted.

    I hope your ritual tonight is lovely and inspiring and powerful. Keep it up!

  3. So happy you got to "worshipate". I did some worshipating myself.

    I led a storytelling at a park by my house, and wrote a full moon/birth super short story for my blog's Pagan in Fiction in 113 Words or Less feature. The ritual was beautiful, powerful and sporadic. Some non-Pagans joined and I got many of the old "Oh, really? I didn't know Witches did that. I thought..."

    It was quite a day ;-)

  4. I had all kinds of plans, and was too sick to get out of bed. However, I did an Ostara/Spring cleanup of my phone and laptop and spent a lot of time focusing on my breathing. Hopefully next full moon will be a healthier one for me. Glad your's was awesome!

  5. My first solitary full moon ritual was a (a la Borat) "GREAT SUCCESS!" I'd been designing it for a while and when I finally executed it, it was great - (a la Stewie) "It felt right, FL, it felt right." Enough quotes.

    I didn't expect a whole lot to come out of it except for some more verbal form or meditation and enlightenment but the feeling it got was of peace and serenity. I mentioned gods in my ritual but only as archetypes and concepts. No calling on them, no charges, none of that since I'm pretty strictly atheist but I might add it later just to see if there's a difference.

    Things went really well but I need better candle holders, I spilled some wax on the carpet, ugh.

    I hadn't intended to do magic, as you suggested but something unexpected presented itself and kind of forced my hand so baddabing baddawoosh, magic was done. Not sure what will come out of it.

    My study has the distinct smell of "ritual".

  6. Mine was actually quite simple due to the fact that I wanted to charge all of my oils with this moon's energy and had to be subtle on the patio in the middle of an apartment complex. It was indeed very nice to be able conduct a ritual using no tools and under the moon's light ( and neighbor's noses!) Neighbors even stopped to pay attention to all of my lovely bottles lines up on the patio wall with compliments on their lips!


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