Episode 50: Inciting Christian Day's Riot

Episode 50 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast. A milestone, to be sure, and no greater topic - nor guest - could I think of for this occasion than the man, the warlock, the pagan dividing line himself: Christian Day.

I sat down for an in-depth interview with Christian to discuss the Charlie Sheen debacle, the pagan community, the use of labels, the importance of salem, and the nature of self-promotion. It's an interview the pagan community has been asking for, and I am pleased he agreed to do it.

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Was the interview what you expected? Do you have a new or different view of Day after this? Or, possibly, do you hate me just a little more for continuing to talk about this whole situation. I'd love to hear all opinions from you, the Rioters. Go download the show now, or you can stream it live through the player on the Show page of this site.

Thank you for 50 WONDERFUL episodes. Here's to 50 more!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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  2. I think you asked very insightful, probing questions that were neither one-dimensional nor softball. I rarely enjoy being interviewed as much as I did on your show and I feel like you really pushed me to bring out the full spectrum of why I did what I did, why I did what I do, and why I am who I am. I have done a lot of TV and radio interviews over the past twenty-one years as a public practitioner and few have been as balanced as you were. If you don't already have a career in the field of media, you should.

  3. Sorry for the double post. I noticed grammar errors and I'm a stickler for that. LOL

  4. Whilst I found Christian Day somewhat annoying, and found some of his references to ancient greek source texts ill interpreted at best; I have to admire his frank honesty throughout the entire interview.

    His honesty about looking for publicity, and the no nonsense way in which he gives his opinions on the pagan community garners my respect even when our opinions differ.

    I listened to the whole show in one sitting with no other distractions and very much enjoyed it.

    Well done Fire Lyte for yet another high quality, controversial show and thank you to Mr. Day for agreeing to the interview!


  5. Hi Emma, please let me know where I got something wrong on the greek texts. I don't read ancient Greek so I'm only going by what's translated. I did find a fantastic spell using a skull in the ancient Greek magical papyri via Questa.com, the research site, and there's lots of blood ritual, but I want to make sure I understood what I said that was off base so I don't say it again.

  6. Hmm, perhaps I am mistaken. I thought on the podcast you said that the skull spell was attested to in the Odyssey. Without going back and listening, it is possible I misheard you.

  7. I think one of the most important messages that this interview put in the light was witches are never accepted anywhere in any time period. Do what you are gonna do, be true to who you are and stop trying to fit in! Don't worry and worry won't find you. This was an amazing look into how Christian sees things and after listening, what I saw makes so much more sense. Thank you for bringing him onto your show. I appreciated how articulate both of you were and how neither of you shied away from proverbial elephants in the room.

  8. Oh ok. That's where the misunderstanding was. Yeah, the skull was in the ancient Greek magical papyri. The bronze blade, I believe, was in the Odyssey, though that was his sword and I don't believe the spell necessarily require bronze. Circe taught Odysseus a ritual using a pit filled with honey-milk, sweet wine, water, white barley, and sacrifices of black ram and cow. Personally, I prick my finger. While I do think there's power in chicken blood or what have you and have the greatest respect for the afro-caribbean traditions that use it, I'm more into the idea of sacrifice as a letting go of something and it's hard to think of a chicken as that when I can buy ten more down the street. ;-D

    Here is the skull spell, taking from #161 on Page 202 of Magic, Witchcraft and Ghosts in the Greco-Roman World by Daniel Ogden, though there are others on the page as well. THIS is OLD WORLD stuff and Ogden's books are great for that. The best spell books are in the history section!


  9. Wait, Christian did you just say you had never heard of TMZ until the Charlie Sheen thing? Forget being controversial, I accuse you of being unhip! XD

  10. Tom/Wiles: I barely watch TV! My first real "reality show" addiction is Real Housewives of New Jersey. I download House, Desperate Housewives, Rupaul, and Doctor Who to my computer so I never see commercials or anything. I really do live in a cave! :)

  11. p.s. And I'd vaguely heard of it, but I'd never been there. I just knew it as some place that broke the Tiger Woods story. :-D

  12. I have to say, that this interview gave me a new and better insight into Mr. Day.

    I really liked how he explained he does not represent the greater pagan community, and that he is true to himself. Bravo! As much as some people might get up in arms, the most important phrase known to magick is Know Thyself, and he does.

    He also gave me a great argument that I can use for people who ask me why I don't call myself pagan and don't consider myself as such.

    Over all, it was a great interview, wonderful questions and answers even if I sometimes might not agree with everything said. Wonderfully colorful as well :)

  13. Yet another great episode Mr. Lyte! Thanks so much to you as well as Mr. Day for such an enlightning, thought provoking & sometimes funny discussion! Well done! Mercedes

  14. I believe both of you were well spoken, and my image of Day has improved a little.

    At first I thought he was an attention seeker who has a five cent head and is derogatory to women because he is gay and feels he has no use for them. (Ironically, for the similar reason many feminists do not like men)

    I learned that he is a decent entrepreneur, and thinks well of his city and community. I also found through the interview that he doesn't have a five cent head. He is somewhat intelligent. He is just poor at articulating his ideas.

    It appears that he is not anti-woman, but merely anti-feminist. He appears to believe in equality rather than subjugation; however, his choice of diction does not reflect this very well. I am not a feminist nor am I a woman, but if I was I could see where I could have been offended.

    For one that dresses like he does, he should understand that he will get some odd looks. Also to be gay will come with a set of prejudices. If he wants others to look at him with an open mind, then he may need to do the same.

    Gay does not define him, nor does pagan, or goth. He is a multi-dimensional individual as we all are. He is an individual named Christian.

    Prejudice is prejudice. Whether it is against gays, feminists, pagans, hippies, etc.

    Not all hippies do not bathe, and not all pagans are hippies.

    Not all feminists hate men, and not all men haters are feminists.

    The many generalizations he made is where I disagreed with the interview. Fire Lyte, while you did an excellent job, I really wish you would have called him on these points; however, it is much easier to be a Monday morning quarterback and I felt it was very well done in general. The interview did not leave me apathetic, and isn't entertainment the point of podcasting anyway?

  15. You're right, Billy. Day did make several over-generalizations that I could have called him on. However, admittedly, I have made many over-generalizations about various groups on my show before - Religious Conservatives, intellectual ignorants, among others. So, I do not believe I was in any place to lecture someone else on their inappropriate statements regarding one subsect or another. I could easily receive the same lecture, and rightly so.

    Glad you liked the show overall, and I hope to constantly improve!


  16. I should probably more more careful about over-generalizing, but most of the time I do it, it's for hyperbolic effect. I don't really think all Pagan women have bellies below the hemline of their dresses but I play up some of these thematic stereotypes for humor. Not everyone gets the joke. My humor can be downright offensive at times, but, for me, it's all in fun and hopefully some people can relate.


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