The Japanese Earthquake - The Crazy Perspective

I have not covered the Japanese earthquake on the blog, yet, though I do plan on covering it in episode 50 of the podcast. It is a horrible, terrible, exceedingly sad tragedy that, if one thinks about too much, you can kind of get depressed pondering the 'Why's and 'How's.

That being said, if you would like the best, most unbiased view of the how's, the why's, and exactly what all of this is about, please head over to Kathleen Borealis' podcast, Borealis Meditation. She did a phenomenal job explaining earthquakes, the difference between the magnitudes, and answers listener questions.

As with any tragedy, the Nutjob Fringe is more than willing to find the nearest camera - whether attached to your own computer or held by a cameraman - and let us all know why 'God' is royally pissed off now. Because, you know, all of those other earthquakes that happen several times a day are just him having a hissy fit? (USGS averages that nearly 1.5 million earthquakes happen every year, though the magnitudes on most are so low we don't tend to feel them.)

In initial fame-whore, opportunist news: The first major upset came from this girl who said that God was trying to get rid of all the atheists, and furthered that by saying that Europe and North America were next. She later - right before taking her YouTube account down - said that she was just joking, and trying deliberately to piss people off. I suppose one can say she succeeded.

In the same vein of idiots just trying to say things for attention: Gilbert Gottfried, most famous for his voice-over work in films like Aladdin and (most recently) as the duck in the Aflac commercials. Well, except that he's now been fired from doing those Aflac commercials after tweeting some of the following statements:

  • Japan is really advanced. They don't go to the beach. The beach goes to them.
  • I split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, "They'll be another one floating by any minute now."
Gottfried made around a dozen of these kinds of statements, several much more salacious, and was promptly fired by the insurance company that does around 75% of their business in Japan. 

In God Hates...Someone...Not Gonna Say Whom, but it probably rhymes with Japan news: Glenn Beck... Gosh, I could almost just say, "Hey, Glenn Beck said something awful," and not only would you assume I'm not lying, but you'd probably also assume it was ridiculous and overtly fundie. Well, Mr. Beck said that, naturally, God caused the Japanese earthquake. In a nutshell he also - without taking too many liberties with his actual statements - said that if we don't want the same thing to happen to us, we should follow the ten commandments. He alluded to this being a sign of the end times, a sentiment echoed around the religious interwebs. In fact, if you Google Japanese Earthquake some of the first results have headlines like, "Did God cause the Japanese Earthquake?" and "Japanese Earthquake a sign of the end times!"

I think it goes without saying that the least that we should be focusing on is a few fame-whores. I will never understand why someone, even if they had these kinds of insensitive, hurtful, fundamentalist, outrageous ideas, would publicize them. Talk about hitching your wagon to anything just for a moment of being in the spotlight. 

Turn your thoughts from these folks, please. Simply focus on sending your positive thoughts, prayers, and energy to those that are suffering in Japan and around the world (Haiti is still a disaster zone, the Middle East is still at war, genocide still ravages countries in Africa, etc.). Or, just focus on making someone in your life, who might be suffering in their own, personal way, smile. However we help to improve the human condition, it can only improve the general positive nature of the planet. 

May each of you Rioters be infinitely blessed.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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  2. Odom of the Evil EyeMarch 15, 2011 at 6:45 PM

    First off, my thoughts go out to the people of Japan. If anyone is looking to donate funds to aid Japan, try avoid using Red Cross, as most of the money will not reach the ones who need it.

    I was waiting for some fundie retard to pop out of the woodwork and say God smote the Japanese. I expected it to be Pat Robertson though. I find it funny that the fundies go on and on about how loving and forgiving their god is, until something bad happens to someone non-Christian. That's when "God is punishing someone!" These douches wouldn't know spirituality (or compassion) if it bit them in the ass.

    Screw you Glenn Beck!



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