April is the New May Day?

In a recent news story on National Public Radio (that's been picked up by the Associated Press and seems to be blowing up the interwebs) Ophiuchus isn't the only change going on to our witchy world these days. Apparently, Beltane (known otherwise as May Day, among other names) is no longer going to get to be called May Day. Unless, of course, you're a stickler for tradition, in which case get with the times!

Renowned astronomer, Parke Kunkle, is leading the charge amongst other astronomers and geologists alike who are saying that because of the series of devastating earthquakes experienced worldwide, in conjunction with subtle shifts in the atmosphere over the past 100 years or so, the date for Beltane (one of the ancient Irish terminal dates) is changing. According to recent findings, the reports are saying that May Day, or Beltane, has been changed so much that it is now a few weeks earlier: April 18th of this year. From the article:

Due to changes in the earth's alignment recently identified by astronomer Parke Kunkle, we not only have Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac, but the correct date for Beltane
[otherwise known as "May Day"] has now been moved to April 18th.

So, mark your calendars, Rioters! I know a lot of us could ignore Ophiuchus because of the Western Astrology loophole, but this seems to be a pretty solid seasonal rift. I know I've heard plenty of reports about the Earth's axis being shifted recently, so this seems to make a lot of sense.

Honestly, though, I am quite excited to hear Kathleen Borealis' (hostess of the geology podcast Borealis Meditation) take on the whole matter. She's got a Master's degree and all. Thus, she gets to wear the Smarty Pants in these matters. Also, fellow bloggers Gillian Chase and Mrs. Oddly have done a great job highlighting this newfound phenomenon. Check them out.

What do YOU think? Share your thoughts via comment or tweet on Twitter! I believe the hashtag is #BeltaneInApril. Join the conversation! How does this affect the Wheel of the Year? What will this mean for Samhain? Ahh!!! Can't they just leave the stars alone?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


Thanks to all those that played along. Thank you to Isaac from the Pagan Hooligans Podcast for the idea. And stay tuned for Episode 51, coming soon...!


  1. I'm sticking with May 1, simply because it's too damn cold for that wonderful Beltane tradition of outdoor sex in mid April (at least in Colorado!)

  2. Beltane has been on the first of May for far longer than this generation has been practicing and there is no way I'm celebrating it in April.

  3. WindDancer, what happens, though, if the veil thins in mid-April now due to these shifts? Could we ignore that kind of energetic change?


  4. I'm thinking this is an April Fool's Day joke...


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