Episode 51: Inciting A White & Black Riot

Episode 51 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A White & Black Riot as we take a look at color correspondence in magic, the reasons behind our usage of white and black, and whether we’re being smart about that reasoning.

Project Pagan Enough: 2011 Edition

News: TransOcean is giving bonuses for safety, Eman al-Obeidy is a Libyan heroine, Kevin Provencher is a pimp, the Valor Act is dead, and you aren’t thin because you’re not thinking!

Word of the Day: abrogate & “his name is mud”

Gripe Department: What the hell happened to Witch Vox?

Promo for Mrs. Oddly’s Etsy shop. (MrsOddly.etsy.com)

Sociology: pt. 4 of my discussion of negative stigma with Scarlet from Lakefront Pagan Voice.

Tips & Tricks: How Not to Teach Your Kids Magic

Music: Goddess - S. J. Tucker

Spirituality: White & Black in magic and in light

Music: Better Days - Goo Goo Dolls

Short Story: The Tale of the Powders and the Rusty’s

Promos: Eat My Pagan Ass, Pagan In Portland, Media Astra ac Terra, New World Witchery

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  1. I've just subscribed via iTunes because I want to know what the hell happened to WitchVox too. :-D

  2. Since I simply WON'T DO facebook, or myspace, or twitter, I haven't noticed any change aside from there not being much of anything of interest on the original WitchVOX website. I let them know that I wouldn't be following them over there when they were first making the changeover, and they basically said, "ehhh!"

    Okey dokey.


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