Libya Update: Eman al-Obeidy

If you haven't noticed, I've been holding off on doing a lot of news updates on the blog. (Don't worry, episode 51 is chock full of them!) The reason for this is that a lot of the major news stories haven't had any updates. There still isn't a decision made as to the state of unions in America. The Middle East is still experiencing turmoil and no regime has fully given up control, yet. Heck, even Egypt is still going through massive crisis, and we thought that was done and changed. Abortion is still a social problem in America. And so on and so forth.

However, there is a tragic-yet-uplifting story that I found recently out of Libya. The government of that country has been trying to act as though the government is in complete control and acting with the most altruistic intentions. Daily, though, stories come pouring out from all news outlets saying that people - non-Libyans as well as citizens - are being killed by soldiers without a second thought. Women are being raped and a general genocide is occurring in the midst of Muammar Gaddafi attempting to retain his hold.

Eman al-Obeidy is a woman, just a woman, who would not have been picked out of a crowd until a few weeks ago. On March 26, al-Obeidy entered a hotel in Tripoli where several reporters had been cloistered by the government - one reporter on AC360 said it was like being under house arrest - and sat down in what appears to be the dining room of the hotel. She then threw open her garments and began loudly retelling her story of rape and imprisonment and abuse at the hands of soldiers in the Gaddafi regime.

Immediately, she is surrounded and carried off by government minders - many of them looking like waiters - and was not seen again until she was finally released on April 4th. She is prevented from leaving Tripoli or Libya, but is no longer being detained by the Libyan government. This comes after an international protest rising after video of this horrific act of censorship and Big Brother interference went viral. I've included the video below, because I think it is important. I think stories like this are exceptionally important, because this is what happens when humanity becomes careless with one another. When we've decided one group of us is valued higher than another. When we've decided that power should reside in the clutches of some and held lofty over the many.

Now, as with anything, detractors are saying that this story is a fake. That CNN and other news agencies are trumping this story up as was done with Jessica Lynch in order to make the American people feel better about involvement in Libya. I'd like to add, however, that the Lynch story (as well as the Iraqi baby incubator story and the story about WMD's definitely being in Iraq) was not created by the news media. It was created by the American government. The Pentagon, to be precise. I don't believe they contrived the al-Obeidy story. Nor do I believe that this woman would have anything to gain by attempting something like this in a time like this. I realize wagging the dog is a popular method of population control, but I simply fail to believe this is one of those times. If it were, the American government had better pray that woman gets the hell out of Libya, because Gaddafi and friends won't care if she's an actress. They'll shoot her anyway.

Watch the video. It's not the most pleasant thing, but it is honest and it depicts, what I believe to be, a triumph of the human spirit. Overcoming the fear of loss of life to get a very important message out: Things are not as they seem. We need help. Please, help us.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Thank you thank you thank you. Your ability to state fact in a powerful way is truly a gift. Your passion for the truth, and for right action, an even more powerful gift. The computer is mightier than the sword. As we join our independently small voices together, our collective voice grows from a whisper to a roar, a sound that can shake foundations and transform reality. I have seen relatively little coverage of this story, and I believe your words sum the reason for this cloak of quiet: "This is what happens when we decide that one group is valued higher than another..." You are Rockin' the Truth, Fire Lyte, thank you.


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