Of An Altar & Witchy Music!

Partner got me a new altar for my birthday. Because I'm uber stylish and just a tad gay, it came from Pier 1. No, I'm not kidding, I now have an altar from Pier 1 imports. Like it? I put it together with all of my little altar stuff, but I quickly realized I will be needing more stuff to fill it up! I've never had an altar big enough to both look pretty and be a working, usable space. It's both.

It's tall, which is rather important for a guy who's 6' 6"! It's got deep drawers that easily fit an oversized Book of Shadows! (Wondering what I'm going to put in the second drawer.) There are two shelves, one short and one tall in space. I've lined up my plastic storage containers full of ribbons and herbs and things on the short shelf. Of course, since I now have the space, I will probably be on the hunt for witchy bottles to put my herbs and oils and things in. I also have a box of rocks. Yep...that wooden box is full of all of my stones. Dozens of stones. I'll have to figure out which to display on the altar and which to keep tucked away.

I hope you like it! This is my first real, purposely sought out altar. I've used an old nightstand, various end tables, a television stand, and, of course, a long, wooden shoe rack. But, now, I went out and found an altar that totally fits me. It's shabby chic, well-made, and already comes with that worn-in-over-decades-of-witchiness look I adore so much.

Of course, this begs every pagan blogger's favorite question, what does YOUR altar look like? Post a link to your altar pics in the comments below! I can't wait to see!

Also below are a couple of witchy songs I'm currently loving. The first is a song by The Bird and The Bee called Witch. The second is the latest offering by everybody's First Witch of Rock, Stevie Nicks. It's called Secret Love and it's from her upcoming album. If you love them, show it by downloading their music on iTunes or purchase the cd at your favorite site/store.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. My main altar is an old drawer stacked on top of my old camp trunk, covered with an altar cloth I made from a sheet. I crave something more...altar-y. And I'm in the middle of redoing it again, so it's a bit bare right now. Although my altar to Hel and my ancestors is quite nice, if I do say so myself. It's on a desk built into my wall--I use it as an altar since I have another desk.

    Here's a link to a post I just did (literally, *just* did, all because you asked for pictures and I had nothing else to post about today): http://myhiddenmagick.blogspot.com/2011/04/altar-y-goodness.html

  2. Oh! Also! I love yours--although the masks kind of creep me out. And excellent music. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi from Australia. Have to say I love your alter and the masks are a great touch. I understand not having a space as my partner and I live in a caravan (we are travelling around australia) and there is never another space for my alter. We did solve the problem with carrying oils and crystals, my darling partner had a special cabinet built with lots of little compartments, now there is no chance they will break. Now I just have to convince her we need all my books. I love the podcasts too.

  4. UHM. . . if it has a flat surface it usually ends up an altar at one point or another in my house lol. I don't necessarily have an altar that acts as yours does. . . completely devoted to magic, but I tend to not do magic all in one spot either. I would love to have an altar just for magic, but it would probably end up looking like a bazaar cross between a gardener's shelf and an old library card catalogue!

  5. Love the masks on the wall!
    My alter is a large butcher's block (I think that's what it is) on wheels with the pallu of a sari draped over it. I love that the table top is high enough for me to stand comfortably and do my work. My supplies are organized on the shelf below for quick access. I think the best part is that I've acquired little things over the years before I started down this path and now I can put them to use!


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