Series Review: Bewitching Mysteries by Madelyn Alt

Rarely do I get so very excited about a book that I want to tell you all to stop reading my blog and go immediately to (or your local bookstore) and purchase it! Even more rare are the times when I beg, plead, and implore you to not just buy one book, but to hook your pitchforks into an entire series of books! However, dear Rioter, I am doing just that.

A good friend of mine loves books. A lot. I mean, I love reading and am a huge supporter of literature, but she's got me beat. She recommends books to me all the time, and I rarely have time to get to all of them, but - finally - I got to a series she recommended. I'm hooked. I'm ensnared. I'm in love with this series.

Madelyn Alt is the author behind the Bewitching Mysteries series that follows Margaret Mary-Catherine O'Neill - or Maggie - a budding empath who becomes employed at the witchiest of antiques shops: Enchantments. Throughout each book, you come to learn more about her circle of ghost-hunting/psychic friends. The books read like they were written as screenplays for the Hallmark channel. (Anybody remember the Good Witch?) It's pretty much like the Good Witch but with murder, Antiques Roadshow, and Ghost Hunters.

In a word, the series is charming. Absolutely charming. My one beef is that many times the main character, Maggie, is presented with such obvious clues, yet seems to remain rather oblivious to them. Or, contrarily, she knows information but refrains from telling the appropriate person everything she knows, thereby solving the mystery quickly. But, really, if you are looking for a charming read, PICK THIS SERIES UP!

Oh, and did I mention that there are pagans and witches in Stony Mill, Indiana (the setting for the series)? Yes. Liss, the owner of the aforementioned antiques shop, is a real life witch that practices real life magic(k) and gives real life tips on how to perform basic spells and energy work. The best thing about the magic in the series is that (except for a minor incident involving a possible water spirit dragging a killer to the bottom of the lake on command) it's applicable to real-world spell crafting. There's no Hollywood sparkles erupting from anyone's fingertips in this series. They mention books by Raymond Buckland, Silver Ravenwolf, and more.

I've got a few pages left in the most recent offering (Home for a Spell) and am eagerly awaiting whatever Alt puts out as the next book in the series. I warn you. Once you start this series, you'll be buying each of the subsequent books within a matter of days. They're easy reads that are exceptionally enjoyable.

Happy Reading Rioters! Oh, and if you happen to know Madelyn Alt, let her know I'd LOVE to interview her for the show! Check below to get the books in the proper order.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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