Yes, I Iron My Pillowcases!

Strangely enough, I'm not really anal retentive about organization or cleaning. At least, I'm not some OCD student counselor a la Glee. You won't find me scrubbing my grapes before popping them in my mouth at lunch. Nor will you find me with a tooth brush getting in between all the nooks and crannies of my faucet.

But there's something about pretty much anything I own made out of fabric. I have ironed sheets, napkins, hand towels, paper towels (yeah...I know), and even the ubiquitous ironing of socks. Yes. I have ironed my socks. Now, granted, that's because they were wet and I needed to dry them quickly, but still. I've ironed socks.

Also, before almost anything (pajama pants, tank tops, button up shirts, etc.) gets put into either a closet or drawer it gets ironed. Yep...t-shirts, jeans, the whole 9. I just like pressed clothes. I'm a strange little Rioter.

Tonight I found myself ironing my pillowcases right out of the dryer. I realize I'm about to lay my head right onto them in a bit, but it's the principle. For a few minutes, my bed will look like a picture in a magazine with perfect corners and clean lines. Who knows...maybe if I keep this up long enough I'll be scrubbing grapes soon.

What are your quirks? What little things do you do that, if you said them out loud, might make you sound just a little crazy? Post them up here under the comments section! Celebrate your weirdness and iron your socks!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. you iron paper towels?


    My quirk... I have to have all the items in my cupboards face forward. I have to be able to read the labels.

  2. I have several, but I think the weirdest one relates to the volume on the TV. It HAS to be a multiple of five. I don't care if 40 is too loud and 35 is too quiet, the volume is NEVER allowed to be 37. Etc.

  3. I have a few as well...Jenna: I'm like that! However, I can have it at 37 but never 36. lol

    My biggest thing is loose hair...When I'm washing my hair, every time I run my hands through my hair I have to make sure it is all off of my hands. I put them on the shower wall until finished bathing and clean them off with toilet paper and stick it in the trash or flush it down the toilet.


  4. @Grace, I do the exact same thing with my hair, and I have a LOT of hair. Fistfuls everytime I take a shower or brush it.

    @Jenna, something similar, except with clocks. When I set me alarm in the morning, the minutes have to be on a multiple of five. I can't get up at 5:33 even if I'm running late. I'll lie in bed an extra two minutes so I can get up at 5:35.

    As for other random quirks, I can't make left turns into parking spaces. I will drive around a parking lot over and over again until I find a space where I can make a right turn. All other left turns, however, are fine.

    Quirks are just another way of keeping things interesting.

  5. I'm a vacuuming nut. I love the way the carpet looks right after it's been vacuumed--all of those cool lines of perfection--so I vacuum every single morning and sometimes again, later on.

  6. uhm. . . I think the name says it all ;)

  7. LOL @Katrina - The paper towel thing because I had a few crumpled paper towels and my iron was on. You know what they say, "Idle hands iron paper towels," and all that.


  8. When I walk on tile floors often times I will walk in the L shaped pattern of a knight on a chess board. I've done it since I was little.

  9. I have to have a top/flat sheet on my bed. I don't like fuzzy blankets to touch my skin. I like the smooth sheet (I should iron it!) first and then the blanket. Also, I have to have the blankets tucked in at the end of the bed. I hate it when they pull out in the course of the night and start creeping up to leave my feet exposed, with all the blankets up around my neck and cold feet. I will get up in the night and fix the bed if it gets screwed up. I don't care how late it is. :)

  10. I dont sit on toilet seats...ever...not even my own! And I am not a germophobe normally.

  11. @Anden Jade...I'm glad I'm not the only one. lol

    @bewitchingreality...I can't stand to have my feet out of the covers either. I think it stems from my childhood when I was afraid the boogyman would get me if I had anything exposed O_o haha!

    @josie...I can understand that. I have things similar that bother me when it comes to "germy" places but I'm not a germophobe either. ^_^

  12. I like to iron my pillowslips inside out. When they are on the pillow, they looks so soft and inviting. I only iron the top foot or so of the top sheet, the part you fold back and can see when the bed is made. It isn't a lot of work to do this, but it makes the bed look a lot more neat and inviting.


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