Energy Cleaning & Lightbulb Wattage

Today I worked on my altar. Yes, that altar that I set up a while back. It was set up and was sitting pretty for a few weeks, but was never consecrated, cleansed, or otherwise set apart from the rest of my furniture as my dedicated witchy space.

Until today.

Polished my cauldron, polished my censer, arranged my witchy tools, bottled up the last of my blizzard water that I've been saving since...well...the big blizzard this year. Then it was time to cleanse everything. I have this great unbound, dried white sage that I've been using recently that I got from Witchy Wearables down the road.

I got out a stem and burned it. Something I've noticed about white sage when not in a bundle is that it seems to smoke a lot more, which is what I love about it. Somehow it feels like those Febreeze commercials where you see the bubbles of Febreeze resting upon the icky aura and soaking it all up. Here's where things got a little more witchy than usual.

As I was burning the smoke I began free-form chanting a bit about consecrating the altar, the tools, and my BoS as sacred, to be used for worship of the Gods, as a place of working magic, and the seat of my personal power. I then saged the rest of the room while speaking my intention of clearing out all negativity and bringing in positive energy. Then, I waited on the smoke to do the Febreeze commercial thing and absorb all that negativity. Funny thing about smoke is that typically, with the slightest movement or breeze, it moves and twists and swirls around. But it didn't. It hung in the air as though it were becoming something solid...something a bit heavier than just smoke. It looked like stratus clouds and cumulus clouds slowly coming to a halt around the middle of my room.

And my window was open. And, yes, there was a breeze blowing, but none of the smoke was moving.

Then I remembered the one item I hadn't consecrated: my broom. I went out to my hearth, grabbed my broom, came back into my altar room, and squatted. I got into a deep, wide stance and began swinging my broom counterclockwise over my head, instructing the smoke and built up negative energy to leave the room and have positive energy flow in instead. Finally, when I felt the energy had built up to a good, strong mass, I opened the door to my altar room to allow for some air flow, took one final swing of the broom over my head, and shoved the bristle end towards the window.

Sometimes witchy things are exceptionally subtle. You may not be able to tell your magic had an effect for days, weeks, or months. This was not one of those times.

When I swung that broom around for the final time, I adjusted my grip on the wooden shaft and held it upright, but in my zeal (and because of my height) I tapped the wooden point at the opposite end on the ceiling next to my overhead light. At that exact moment, a large gust of air blew in to the room, slamming the door to the altar room shut, and then it seemed to reverse and suck the smoke out all in one quick second. I then noticed that the overhead light was glowing exceptionally bright.

It still is. It's like someone cranked up the wattage in the lightbulbs, because they are glowing with a brilliance they never have had before.

This was the first act of actual magic that I've done since beginning the Do The Stuff Challenge, and I have to say...I felt its effects. I also recognize that this was magic and not coincidence. I honestly feel as though that wind was summoned, that my actions played a part in what occurred. A few months ago I may not have said that. I may have attributed it to a lightweight door being blown by a wind directly and something to do with the varying pressures inside the small room and outside in the big world. But, not today, and not after immersing myself in this process of getting back in touch with my more magical side.

My brilliant light fixture overhead is a little reminder now of the very real energy that is magic, and the very real way in which I as a practitioner can channel that energy. That I can harness something that is both of me and not of me. Both great and small in a way that is individual, personal, and still immensely powerful.

How is YOUR Do The Stuff Challenge going? What spells, rituals, or other acts have you done lately, and what have their effects been?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Now that sounds like an excellent end to a rather magical spring cleaning! That room is probably ready for your best winning lottery ticket spell now, too.

    Did you make that broom yourself? It looks great!

  2. LOL... I may have to try a lottery ticket spell. I know that would make Partner happy.

    Actually, I did.....not.....make that broom. Wish I could say that I did. I ordered it from Broomchick's etsy shop:

    Her brooms only cost $35, but they are worth so much more! All hand made using old time techniques. Plus they have different colors, and some are carved. You should check her out!


  3. WOW what a great magical experience! Truly inspirational in the Do The Stuff sense of the Craft!


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