Episode 54: Inciting A Feri Riot

Episode 54 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Feri Riot with special guest, Mrs. Oddly! Today we learn about the Feri Tradition (which, apparently, has nothing to do with Feri Wicca!) from one of the few actual practitioners in the US.

News: Afghanistan troop withdrawal, Marriage Equality in NY state, Anthony’s Weiner resigned, the Missouri River (and other natural disasters), and the 35 year age difference of a recent wedding.

Word of the Day: Top 10 Most Incorrectly Used Words - submitted by Rioter Chad!

Book Reviews: Small Town Pagan Survivor’s Guide by Bronwen Forbes; When I knew; Prayers for Bobby (film)


Spirituality: The Feri Tradition according to Mrs. Oddly.

You can find Mrs. Oddly on Twitter at twitter.com/MrsOddly (@MrsOddly), at her Etsy shop MrsOddly.Etsy.com, and on her blog SomethingOddly.blogspot.com.

If you’d like to read back articles by Bronwen Forbes, her Witch Vox writings can be found here: http://www.witchvox.com/vn/vn_detail/dt_all.html?a=usin&id=337263.

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  1. Hi Fire Lyte!

    You asked on this week's podcast what the rioters thought about the Weiner resignation and whether or not we feel that our public leaders need to live some kind of morally exemplary life in order to be good leaders. My response is no; as long as whatever mess they got into has nothing to do with breaking the law in some way.

    Having said that, I am so irritated with Anthony Weiner right now that I could just smack him one. He is a politician I actually liked. He could breathe fire on the house floor, face down the opposition, sass off to the Fox news girls and voted the way I hoped on all the issues that matter to me. I'm not from his state, but I considered myself a fan and someone to emulate a far as leadership. The reason I am so furious with him is because he KNOWS what will happen if he gets caught involved in any kind of juicy scandal. He knows that nothing on the internet is private. He knows that random anonymous girls will rat him out to the media for their five minutes of fame (or whatever else they are promised) in a hot second. He knows this. He is a brilliant man. And yet, he chose to engage in the behavior that he knew could and probably would eventually catch up to him and hijack his otherwise brilliant political career.

    Something is wrong with the people on the Hill. They are surrounded by sycophants, playing at intrigue all day, often distanced from their foundation of home and family, and get themselves into these messes. Sometimes, honestly, I think they want to be caught. There is a whole psychology to this thing that I can't speak to because I'm not a psychologist.

    So in short, I am pissed at Anthony Weiner because he knew better and because his stupidity has lost us a sensible vote in the House that we really needed in this day and age. It's less a moral issue than a maturity and responsibility issue, as far as I'm concerned. We've all done risky things, or things we wish we hadn't, I think. People in certain positions in life, though, have to balance that against the possible consequences. He let down a lot of NY voters that needed him in the House, speaking for them and that's a bummer.

    So that's where I stand :)

    As always, great show this week.


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