Fire Lyte & Christian Day: Round 2!

Rioters! Tonight, in a one night/one time only engagement, I will be on Christian Day's Blog Talk Radio show Hex Education! Now, a Blog Talk Radio show is like a podcast and is not like a podcast. For those of you that don't really feel like sitting next to your computers this evening for 2 hours, you can, of course, download the episode immediately following the recording of it via iTunes.

However, for those of you that want to sit up, you can hear the show going on live! And, furthermore, you can call in and ask us questions! (The number is (347) 308-8731.) It's on at 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern via the link above.

The topic of choice for the show is Project Pagan Enough and tolerance in the greater pagan community. I think it should be an interesting, exciting chance to reach an entirely new audience with a message of patience, grace, and a cease-fire of the in-fighting. I hope everyone enjoys it!

So, please, tune in, call in, and support Project Pagan Enough!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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