Venus and the Mermaids

No, that's not some totally bad ass new girl group. But, you're welcome to the name if you happen to have a completely bad ass girl group.

I wanted to share my latest painting: She who rests on water.

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I painted it a few days ago, and, before you ask, yes it's available on Etsy. (Both the original and the print.) I felt that it expressed a feminine softness I don't usually express in my art - either my poetry or my painting. She is a Goddess figure, a Venus, resting beneath the dark limbs of a willow in twilight - either dawn or dusk is up to you - and reflecting the curve of the crescent moon. Hopefully, I'll get better at painting people someday. Maybe I'll work up the nerve, and the cash and spare time, to take some classes.

In nerdy television news: If you are anything like me, and since you read this blog regularly I assume you are, then you occasionally like to dip your toe into silly, light hearted television. This is about as silly and light-hearted as it gets. I've recently discovered the show H2O: Just Add Water. It's kind of like what would happen if the Disney channel had produced Charmed, but instead of witches they're teenage mermaids with water powers. Don't worry, you can stream it on Netflix, so you don't have to endure the shame of renting the actual DVDs.

Each episode is only about 21 minutes long, and they're filled with sunshine and squeaky clean goodness, and I'm not sure there's ever any actual bad guy involved - though I'm only on episode 3. But, it's a lot of fun, and if nothing else there is a LOT of guy candy. (Come on, given the premise it's around a lot of beaches and pools.) One of the hottest men on the planet, Craig Horner, has a role.

In you'll hate me for even recommending this news: You must watch this completely awesome new Britney Spears video. Even if you don't like Miz Spears, the video is hilarious on its own. Enjoy!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I love that painting sweets. Classes will help you sharpen your skills and help you develop a voice of your own as far as style goes. You have great compositions skills keep up the practice!
    as always Blessings!


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