The Weiner and the John

This week a few bits of news have come out about some famous political sex scandals. For the sake and sanity of all of you Rioters, I will forego discussion about the Arnold Schwarzenegger 10-year-old he made with his maid.

I guess he really does have something to be proud of down there?

First and foremost in everyone's mind this week is what the news media has dubbed Weinergate. According to reports, Anthony Weiner - Democratic Representative from New York - tweeted out a photograph of his groin area inside some boxer shorts to a random girl on the west coast. Rep. Weiner has immediately and vehemently denied that the photograph was of him, and a Reuters article stated that the EXIF metadata from the photograph is not the same as that of Weiner's Blackberry with which he typically takes his photographs. He also claims to have no idea who the girl is and says that his account was hacked. So, at least in the preliminary, it looks like Mr. Weiner might be telling the truth. Maybe.

The bigger scandal here isn't that a politician might be having an affair. Lord knows there's a new politician having a new affair every week, seemingly. The bigger news is that most news agencies were very hesitant to report about the issue, because nobody wanted to put the spotlight on a Democrat who has consistently fought for civil liberties and marriage equality on blast for this kind of thing.

Anderson Cooper sent out a message to his Twitter followers after they asked him not to cover the story, asking them if they would feel the same if Anthony Weiner were a conservative Republican. The answer is no. We would be seeking as much news coverage and seeking to shame the guy as often and deeply as possible. The reason behind that is most of the politicans that get caught up in these scandals are "family values" politicians. They are very much against gay marriage, consistently speak about God and the importance of their marriage, and how being gay is a big ol' choice and they shouldn't have the right to marry...blah blah blah. The hypocrisy is almost palpable when it is found out that these same politicians who blast the gays, build up the institution of heterosexuality, and preach about how happy they are to be married all while shtupping some tart.

Anthony Weiner doesn't fit that hypocritical mold. He's pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-all those things that the typical politician who gets caught up in sexy photo scandals are vehemently against. Sure, if this is true, it might make him a crappy husband, but he's not trying to hold straight marriage as a perfectly indestructible institution while keeping others from experiencing the joys of holy matrimony.

But, what's good for the elephant is good for the donkey, I suppose. Reporters should report the news, despite the political party of the person involved. However, it looks like Mr. Weiner's sex scandal may be fizzling out quicker than he could type 140 characters.

This is the size of my..."self-respect."

In Actual A-hole News: The US Department of Justice recently wrapped up a 2-year investigation into the campaign spending of former Presidential candidate John Edwards. The results? Mr. Edwards has been indicted on 6 different felony charges for possibly misappropriating over $1 million in political donations. How did he misappropriate funds? Was it 2500 of those $400 haircuts? No.

Allegedly, he spent over $1 million to keep his affair with Riehl Hunter secret. And, you know, pay for their living expenses and such. He got this money from two very rich friends, one of which was the heiress to the Listerine/Chapstick fortune. Yes, that could create a lot of cheap jokes. No, I cannot decide which one to use I suppose I won't use one.

I've gotta say, on the principle of the fact that he cheated on his now-dead, cancer-ridden wife with a campaign photographer and then had a child...I wouldn't mind seeing the cheating bastard thrown in prison for the full 30 year possible sentence. That's what he's facing. 30 years in prison becoming someone else's girlfriend and a $1.5 million fine.

What do you think of this recent round of political scandals?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I think NPR went 5 yr old reporting this, they said Weiner a lot! It made be giggle!

  2. It still amazes me that the people who are elected to run this country don't understand Internet basics, case in point that naughty photo you sent doesn't just magically go from your machine to the recipient it passes through several systems and is virtually immortal in some backup someplace. I learned this as a wee noob in the world, didn't these people get the memo? How can you be an informed legisaltor and not understand that you are under greater scrutiny. Is still do kina feel for him though, he sounded truly remorseful and teary durring the apology. Plus, it must be awful for a guy named weiner to have his shown on every news outlet! You live you learn as they say, .....hopefully!

  3. I'd love to see a reporter ask Newt if he's started sleeping yet with potential wife number four.


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