Episode 56: Inciting A Just Riot

Episode 56 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Just Riot. After being away for nearly a month, and seeing some of the serious issues facing our country and going on around the world, there was just no avoiding making this show a look at a spotlight of Justice at this moment in history.

News: The Debt Crisis in America, South Sudan, Norway Attacks, DADT Repeal, and a volcano on the Moon where there shouldn’t be one.

Word of the Day: adumbrate

Gripe Department: Shakespeare is for smart people.

Sociology: the case of Humberto Leal Garcia

Tips & Tricks: How to Shop Retail.

Music: Wytches’ Brew - OMNIA

Spirituality: Being in my broom closet.

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Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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  1. I've finally decided to listen to the podcast (yay!). I'm downloading it now, but will probably have to stop and then pick it up again in a few hours: This gal needs sleep!

  2. I'm so excited to hear about your own broom closet! I had hoped that would make it into a podcast because I was so shocked by the post on packing up your alter. To be the kind of advocate you are in the pagan world and yet not be "out" in that way was very surprising to me. I'm tickled pink you're addressing this!


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