Happy Kelley Armstrong Day! (The Annual Summer Guilty Pleasure Giveaway)

Happy Kelley Armstrong Day! 

By that, I mean - of course - that Kelley Armstrong's latest book, Spell Bound, was released today. It is the penultimate book in The Otherworld Series, which details Armstrong's delicious world of witches, werewolves, and other magical folk. Last year I reviewed and gave away Waking The Witch, the book that precedes this one. And, since summer is still in full swing, and since many of you Rioters enjoy a light-hearted read as much as I do, this year will be no exception.

Thanks to the wonderful marketing gods, I have an untouched, unread, unblemished hard copy of this amazing read available for you to win! (Details below.)

Savannah, the book's protagonist, is a really fun, engaging character, and it doesn't hurt that she packs a doubly magical punch. (Both of her parents were magical practitioners, and in this world that means she's someone you don't want to piss off.)

Armstrong is a great writer. Before last year, I hadn't read any of her books, but with a combination of her easy to read style and character development, I felt like I had already read her first 10 books by the time I was done. Whether this is your first Armstrong book, or your 11th, you'll feel engaged, enthralled, and perfectly entertained during your poolside outings or your quiet evenings indoors after a hot day.

To win your copy of Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong, you may do one (or all) of the following:

  • Make a donation to the show. Hey, running a podcast and blog comes with costs, and those wonderful few that donate keep this ship spinning...or...something like that. Either way, every donation - despite the amount - automatically enters you into all Swag Contests as my way of saying thank you. Donations of any amount can be made via the PayPal Donate button, or by clicking here.
  • Buy something. At this point you now have two options: buy some swag from the CafePress.com swag shop, or take a gander at my Etsy.com shop and make a purchase of photography or art. Any purchase of any amount automatically enters you into the contest. It's just another way of saying Thank You.
  • Send me your Top 10 Guilty Pleasures list. Your Top 10 Guilty Movies, TV shows, Pagan books/authors (I'd REALLY like those!!!), restaurants, etc. Give me a full Top 10 list - you know how I like a good Top 10 list - and why each of those makes the list. Your Top 10 list might just turn into a Tips & Tricks segment for the show.
  • Record a Spoof. Ok... For all of you who like to comment about how easy it should be to do a podcast, and for those of you who come down hard on podcasters when they don't put out shows on an hourly basis, I have a challenge. Take 1 of my segments on the show and spoof me. Make it a good spoof, too. Like, if you think you're funny, but nobody else thinks you're funny, and you still want the Kelley Armstrong book, just find an extra $1 somewhere and donate that. I want good audio, good editing, and high value spoofage. If I get at least 2-3 spoof clips, they will go on the show in a contest of their own and the winner will get a big, fat prize. So, take my Sociology segment where I get preachy, my Spirituality segment where I get pretentious, my news segment where I can't shut up, my Word of the Day where I act far too intelligent (and shame myself at pronouncing Latin), my Gripe Department, my Feedback, my Poetry (Oh I can't wait to hear these...), my Tips & Tricks... Any of them! Pick your favorite and do a spoof. I ask that they be over 1 minute in length, and try and trim it down to about 5 minutes. (Unlike what I do on the real show.)
Ok, Rioters! Happy Kelley Armstrong Day to all, and I can't WAIT to see what you come up with! Don't worry. If you don't win this book, there are plenty more to come in the Summer Guilty Pleasure Giveaway! (I've got at least 4 more chances for you to win a Guilty Pleasure Book!) August 12 is the cut-off date for this contest, so get those donations, purchases, lists, and spoofs in soon!

One Quick Note: You get one entry for every manner in which you can enter. So, if you send in a spoof and donate $5, then you're entered twice. If you make two donations of $5, well...thank you, but you should've learned that 5 + 5 = 12 a long time ago and just made one donation. All donations made since June 1 are also automatically entered to win this Swag Contest; so if you've already donated, you're already entered!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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