Netflix is Brilliant and I am Dim

I went to check my Netflix account, as I was thinking about adding some new movies to my queue (that I now get to pay 60% more for) when I noticed something. See if you can pick out what I did:

So... I was watching the History Channel series 'Stan Lee's Superhumans' - which is a documentary about finding people around the world who can do incredible things that defy the normal capacities of human function - and Netflix decided that the closest category to that television series is...

Romantic Musicals Featuring a Strong Female Lead.

Stan Lee's Superhumans...Barbra Streisand.

Help me out here. Because, in all of the wisdom of Netflix, there has to be a connection that I'm not making.

Guy who is being tested to figure out why he possesses the abilities of psychokinesis...1965 musical starring a blonde, bipolar actress.

Rioters, I'm hoping you can help me here. Because, seriously, for the excessive amount of money Netflix just yanked my subscription fee up to, there must be a hidden wisdom I'm just not seeing.

What's YOUR best guess as to why Stan Lee's Superhumans equates to Romantic Musicals Featuring a Strong Female Lead?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Westward SnowLeopardJuly 24, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    Here is my in tights therefore gay therefore Barbra Streisand. LOL! Not sure if that is right but your post made me think of Michael from Queer as Folk.

  2. I'm guessing it isn't meant to be related and is random. Either that or it's going on other things you have watched and not considering Superhumans. Or it assumes that Superhumans involved men in tights and it's doing some stereotyping business on you.

  3. Strong female leads are seen as superhuman in the media. The feminist revolution is still being fought. This is proof. This is also not the only bit of proof I have seen of this recently. Look at politics. Strong female leads "defy the normal capacities of human function".

  4. Because of this: (kind of in the vein of Westward SnowLeopard)

    I suspect the actual reason is that the predictive algorithm is an underdeveloped, bug-ridden cousin of the Pandora algorithm.

  5. barbra IS a superhuman.

  6. Ha! I couldn't tell ya there. I got lucky with Netflix. I walked away from it literally days before they raised the prices.

  7. *raises hand* I got it! That 1970 wonder "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever!" It includes a prodding hypnotist, psychokinesis, ESP, past life regression, Jack Nicholson playing a sitar in paisley whilst coming on to his sister and Ms. Streisand at her strangest. It's a real doozie.


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