Blessed Lughnasadh! Harvest Thoughts.

Today is Lughnasadh, which always presents me with a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, it's a Sabbat. (Yeah Sabbat!) And, that's always a good time. On the other hand, there really isn't any mundane holiday to compare it to, thus making it feel a bit odd. A few points on the Wheel of the Year were never celebrated in any form before I became pagan, and they take a bit of getting used to - yes, even 10 years later.

But, Lughnasadh isn't just about the 'Is it a Sabbat, or isn't it' stuff. I know it's an important day, and, if nothing else, it helps me to increase my sense of community and belonging, because I know that pagans around the world are celebrating today as well. No, I always see Lughnasadh as the start of the three harvest festivals, a series, if you will. And, by the end of that series, things will be much cooler, and I'll be looking at another winter here in Chicago. I realize it's a few months away, yet, but the weather turns rather quickly up north, and I'm never keen on giving up the few months of warmth we're allowed.

It is a time to harvest what has been sown, and to plant your fall crops if you're able. This year, above all past, that has intense metaphorical meaning to me. In America, we are less than 24 hours - quite seriously on the precipice - from defaulting on our national debt. We are mere hours away from doing irreparable harm to our nation. Around the globe, now, there are terrible issues of social injustice, and I cannot help thinking that this is what we have sown. This is our reaping. We have become lackadaisical in our view of our fellow man, taking for granted the great gift we've been given by the mere fact of our humanity.

Sow something new today. I ask you, when doing your ritual of choice, direct that energy towards compromise, towards opening our eyes and really seeing one another. Direct that energy to those in power, and those not. Speak into existence an era of understanding, of putting aside differences and politics and civil unrest, and simply helping one another get by.

Instead of planting the same old seeds in the same salted earth and being surprised when nothing good comes up, let's choose a new crop. Let's reap a new harvest.

Blessed and Happy Lughnasadh to you and your family. May the sun shine upon you, and may you reap the biggest bushel of blessings.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. We as a nation have waved our supposed superiority (on many levels in too many areas)that I believe we are finally getting our comeuppance. In the future, we just may have to adopt similar lifestyles as other countries and be seen as a bit less desirable for our own tastes. This is called reality, and maybe, just maybe, it will allow us to become more compassionately linked to the rest of the world.

  2. I love this post and Ameth's comment! What may have worked in the past clearly doesn't anymore. We need new seeds, new ideas. It's time for all of us to take responsibility as individuals and as a nation.

    We've become a lazy, spoiled and narcissistic society. People think they can spend, eat, say and do whatever they want without consequence. "It's all about me" until you screw up...then it's someone's else fault.


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