Episode 57: Inciting A Separate Riot

Episode 57: Inciting A Separate Riot takes a look at the reality of the Separation of Church and State.


  • Debt crisis 
  • 82% of Americans disapprove of Congress 
  • Credit rating downgrade/stock market drop 
  • Warren Jeffs 
  • Couple foreclosed on Bank of America 
  • Cosmo for men app 
  • Iowa straw poll 
  • Chocoholic fish 

WOTD: defenestration

Mrs. Oddly Commercial

Gripe Dept: Pizza ordering etiquette

Spirituality: How much separation do we really want between church and state?

Music: A Voice that Carries - Bonnie McKee

Sociology: The importance of responsible pet care with my favorite guest of all time! Guess who!

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